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Chapter 6: Politics and Love

You ask me: “Osho, I don’t know who I am.” There is no need. There is no need to know who you are. The only need is: don’t be anything else, just be that which you don’t know you are. Just be that. Don’t move outside it. And there is no need to know it because you are it already. Whether you know it or don’t know it makes no difference. Knowledge will not add anything to it. Not knowing will not take anything out of it, knowing will not add anything to it, so what is the point? You are.

Call the rose by another name - it remains a rose. Whether you know the name of the rose or not, it remains a rose. And whether you call it “rose” or don’t call it “rose,” the rose is not bothered. It is.

Emerson says somewhere in his diary: “Outside my window the rosebush is blooming. And the rosebush is not bothered with who it is, and the roses are not comparing themselves with other roses of the past, and they are not thinking of the future roses. Just in this moment they are with God. This day, they are with God.”

In your being, you are God. I will not even say “with God.” In your being, just this very moment, you are God, you are divine. No knowledge is needed.

Don’t be worried about it. Nobody has ever known who he is. He is! And all those who have said that they know are just repeating clichés. They must have read it in the scriptures. But those are only words. You can say: “I am brahman,” or “I am atman,” or “I am the supreme self,” but these words are clichés. They are ugly. They don’t say anything, they don’t mean anything.

“I feel like I need grounding.” Yes, that’s good. You need it. But grounding has nothing to do with knowledge; grounding has something to do with being. That’s why I say Marcus Aurelius is better than Socrates when he says, “Be thyself.”

“Is there no place for grounding?” Place is part of space. In being, time and place are not there. Space and time both disappear there. You will be grounded only when you come to a certain state within - where you cannot say who you are, where you cannot say where you are, where you cannot say when you are. Everything has stopped; time does not move. The clock may be moving - tick-tock, tick-tock. It may be moving, and you can listen. But time does not move - only the futile gesture of the clock. Something deep within you has stopped. That is the point I call “the point of no when.”

And there is no space. You cannot say where you are. The “where” is irrelevant. You cannot show where you are on the map. You are no more on the map, you don’t belong to the map. You are no more part of the measured, you are no more part of the charted. You are transcendence.

You can look at space, but you are not in space; you can look at time, but you are not in time. Then you are grounded. This is what I call “being,” this is what Jesus calls “the kingdom of God,” this is what Buddha calls “nirvana.”

Yes, you need grounding, but it would be better to say, “You are already grounded. You just need awareness.” How can you be if you are not grounded? You are already in God. How can you be otherwise? There is no other way to be. That is the only way there is.