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Chapter 2: Mind and Reality Never Meet

You see a blind man walking on the road perfectly well; blindness in itself is not the problem. You can see beggars - their legs broken, their hands gone, and still laughing, still gossiping with each other, still talking about women, making remarks, singing a tune. Just watch life: life is never a problem. Man has tremendous capacity to adjust to the fact, but man has no capacity to adjust to the future. Once you try to protect yourself and secure yourself in the future then you will be in a turmoil, in a chaos. You will start falling apart. And then there are millions of problems - problems and problems and problems. You cannot even commit suicide, because the poison may not be the right poison. In India you cannot rely on anything. They may have mixed something into it; it may not be poison at all. You may take it and you will lie down.and you will wait and wait and wait - and death is not coming. Then everything creates a problem.

Mulla Nasruddin was going to commit suicide. He came across an astrologer on the street, and the astrologer said, “Mulla, wait. Let me see your hand.”

He said, “What do I have to do now with astrology? I am going to commit suicide. So there is no point; now there is no future.”

The astrologer said, “Wait. Let me see whether you can succeed or not.”

Future remains. You may not succeed, you may be caught by the police, you may misfire. There is no way to be certain about the future - not even about death, not even about suicide. What to say about life? Life is such a complex phenomenon; how can you be certain? Everything is possible and nothing is certain. If you become afraid, this is just your psychology. Something has to be done to your mind.

And if you understand me rightly, meditation is nothing but an effort to look at reality without the mind - because that is the only way to look at reality. If the mind is there it distorts, it corrupts. Drop the mind and see reality - direct, immediate, face to face. And there is no problem. Reality has never created any problem for anybody. I am here, you are also here - I don’t see a single problem. If I fall ill, I fall ill. What is there to be worried about? Why make a fuss about it? If I die, I die.

A problem needs space: in the present moment there is no space. Things only happen, there is no time to think about it. You can think about the past because there is distance; you can think about the future, there is distance. In fact, future and past are created just to give us space so that we can worry. And the more space you have, the more worry.

Now in India they are much more worried because they think, “Next life.and.and” - ad infinitum - “what is going to happen in the next life?” A person is doing something and he does not think only about the consequences that are going to happen here now; he thinks, “What karma am I going to gather for my future life?” Now he will become even more worried; he has more space. And how is he going to fill that space? - he will fill it with more and more problems. Worry is a way to fill the empty space of the future.

The questioner says, “I have glimpses of how psychological, existential pain is created by ego. It is homemade, and it can be unmade.”

Just understanding it intellectually won’t help; you have to do it. Do it, and then the next question will disappear. Do it, and then you will find there is not any problem left.

“But what about physical pain?”

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