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Chapter 17: If You Live Totally, Once Is Enough

And be sensuous. Enjoy life to its fullest, and help others also to enjoy the life to its fullest. And you will find, strangely, that because of your love, your sensuousness, all your ugly traits have disappeared because they no more get any energy - they were perversions, they were by-products of your compromises. No compromise for any reason - respectability, honor, all are nonsense.

How many million people have lived before you? And do you remember a few names who were very respectable, very honorable, and they had sacrificed their whole life for their honor and their respectability, and now even their names?.Nobody knows whether they ever happened or not.

In Jaina mythology there is a very beautiful story. I have loved it very much. In Jaina mythology if a king conquers the whole world he’s called the chakravartin. chakra means wheel, as if the world is a wheel - it is a wheel - and he has conquered it completely. And the mythology is that in heaven only chakravartins are allowed to make their signatures on a golden mountain.

One man became a chakravartin, and he was very happy that now he will be able to write his name on the golden mountain. Very few people - once in a while - have been able to write their names. The mountain is enormous. As he died and entered the gates of heaven, the doorkeeper said, “You have to sign your signature on the golden mountain, but go alone. Don’t take anybody with you.”

He said, “Why? I would like a few of my friends who have died before me and who must be here to be with me; otherwise, what is the joy of signing on the golden mountain? Nobody is watching you, nobody will ever know that you have signed there.”

The doorkeeper said, “Listen to me. I have been on this post.before me was my father, and this is our heritage. For centuries our family has kept this post. And to everybody who has gone to sign, this was suggested; and everybody wanted the same that you are wanting. And afterwards, everybody thanked us, ‘It was so kind of you to have prevented me from taking anybody.’ So please go alone.”

Reluctantly he went in, and the mountain keeper opened the doors and said, “There is a difficulty. The mountain is full of names. There is no space. And this is not only with you; before me my father was here, before him his father was here. This is our family post. And I have heard that since centuries this has been the case, that the mountain is full. So every time a new person comes, first you have to erase one name and then sign your name. There is no other way; there is no space.”

Then he recognized that it is good that he has not brought his friends to see. A great mountain and there is not even a small space for his signature.

But he was - he must have been - a man of understanding. He said, “I will not erase, because what is the point? Somebody will come tomorrow and erase my name and will sign his. This is all futile. So my being chakravartin, a world conqueror, is useless and I was thinking that it happens only once in a while. I was wrong. This whole mountain is full of signatures.”

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