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Chapter 7: Your Ego Is the Distance between You and Me

I look at other people’s questions to see how they can express these feelings. I just can’t find words to express my tears or my love, although the longing is there. Do I need to use words to expose myself?

Language is useful, but not always. Words have a utility, but not everywhere. There are spaces where language falls short, words prove impotent, and in fact those are the only spaces which have any significance.

That which can be contained in language is mundane; that which always eludes language is sacred. Hence, nothing has ever been written anywhere, in any age, about love, about peace, about silence - although these words have been used as a necessary evil, as a human frailty, because man cannot speak through silence, cannot just speak through tears. He has to resort to something which is too small to contain the vast experiences; it distorts everything.

Hence there is no need: if you feel contented, if you feel something beyond words is arising in you.it comes out through your tears, which are far better an expression than words.

Words have a limited meaning; tears have only hints about the unknown, just fingers pointing to the moon. If it is coming through songs or through music, it is far better. If it is coming through a dance, it is far more authentic.

But even if there is no expression at all - it simply remains within you like a flame in a temple where no wind is blowing, unwavering, utterly calm and quiet but still radiating the space inside you - some of that radiation is bound to come out of your body, out of your eyes, out of your hands. It is not your doing; it is happening on its own, and then it has a beauty. Then it can express without expressing, can say something without saying.

But I can understand your problem: you listen to others’ questions.. This is not only your problem, this is our whole upbringing. We always go on looking at what others are doing, and if they are all doing it, there must be something in it. So many people are asking questions, and you cannot manage to reduce your feelings into a question. You may be feeling as if something is wrong with you.

Nothing is wrong except the idea of comparison, the idea of imitation. Those who are asking questions may not have such deep experiences. Their experiences may be very superficial - language is perfectly capable of translating their experiences into words. Their questions may be only intellectual, nothing to do with anything beyond the mind.

They may be very articulate, well-versed, scholarly. But even a parrot can be a scholar - only parrots are scholars. But the parrot does not understand the meaning of what he is saying; neither do the scholars understand anything. But they know a vast vocabulary, they know many, many words, with different nuances. Their capacity to express is great, but they don’t have anything to express - their words are empty.

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