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Chapter 7: Snowflakes as Beautiful as These

I have heard: A leader had come to a town. Many people gathered to listen to him, but by and by they all left. By the time the leader had finished his talk, only Mulla Nasruddin was left. The leader was very thankful and he said, “I’m very very grateful. I never thought that you were such a lover and such a follower of mine.”

Nasruddin said, “I’m not, that is not it. I am the next speaker here, so if you are finished, I should start.”

When somebody is listening to you, remember, he is the next speaker; he is just waiting for you to finish. And if you go on and on, he will tell people that you are a bore, but what he really means is that you never gave him a chance to bore. Those people who never give you any chance to start are called bores. They go on and on and on. They never give you a small space so that you can take over.

A master speaks - his words come from his silence, from his inner silence. You speak - your words come from your inner madness. That’s why Houn says, “You have eyes, but you won’t see.” Why can’t you see? - because your eyes are filled with many thoughts. Just as if the sky is covered completely by clouds in the rains, you cannot see where the sky is; when thoughts are too many, floating in your eyes, you cannot see. When thoughts are floating too much in your mind, you are dumb.

Be silent. First attain to silence, then your word carries a tremendous force and energy; then whatsoever you say or don’t say has a significance, every gesture of yours is a poem. Even if you sit silently you release a tremendous energy around you - it is a communion.

Silence is the source of all energy, but you talk through your madness. You have an obsession with talk. That’s why if you are put into isolation for a few days you will start talking to yourself. After the third week you cannot wait anymore for somebody to listen; you start talking to yourself. You cannot wait anymore. Now there is so much talk that it has to be thrown out.

Your talking is a catharsis, it is a cleansing. But why cleanse yourself on others? Why throw your dirt on others? If you want to clean yourself, clean yourself alone. Close your doors and talk to yourself as much as you like. Ask questions and give answers and make it a game. It will be good, because that’s all that you are doing anyway. But when you do it with others, you are never aware of what nonsense you are doing. Alone, you will become aware. Do it alone and soon you will realize what you have been doing your whole life.

Then by and by, the more you become aware, the more words disappear, clouds disappear. And when the inner sky is without clouds, when your eyes are without words and thoughts and your mouth is filled with silence, then.then you have eyes, then you have ears, then your senses are completely vacant. They are vehicles, mediums. Then communion is possible.

Enough for today.