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Chapter 17: Whirlwind Of Awakening

The people who are around me now are not here just for my words. By now they are perfectly aware that you can play with words, there is nothing in it. They are perfectly aware that they are not to cling to my words, because tomorrow I am going to change. Why cling unnecessarily? I am absolutely unreliable. And to trust in a man who is so unreliable is authentic trust. It goes beyond thinking of consequences. It goes beyond fear. It goes beyond all words. I may contradict myself, I may say anything, it does not matter to my people. What matters is my presence, my love toward them, their love toward me.

And that is going to create a whirlwind of awakening around the whole world. It is just the beginning; the wildfire can take wings any moment. And fortunately we are at the right time, when people are already fed up with their sleep, fed up with all their sleeping pills, fed up with all the dreams they have been seeing, and fed up with all those people who have been simply providing drugs to console them.

This is the right moment, when we can fetch people very easily because they themselves are trying to get out of the bed - but they have been asleep so long, it has become almost their second nature. Hence, a little effort is needed to separate them from their second nature and make them aware of their original face. Everybody has within him the eternal flame of awareness. Howsoever hidden behind walls, it is always there. Nothing can destroy it. All that we have to do is to destroy the walls - and the walls are only of words, scriptures, beliefs.

I am training my people - without calling it a training - how to play with words, how to play with arguments, and how to destroy any argument without much effort. These are the ways those walls have to be broken. I am speaking against every prejudice, against every religion. I am speaking against every ideology; I am speaking, and giving you basic insight into how you can destroy all those hindrances. And the moment they are removed - awareness is not something that comes out of the blue. You suddenly have a great surprise, that it has always been there - you were just keeping your back toward it.

Many are waking up. They have slept for millions of years, so we need not be in a hurry. And whatever time they take is not much, because the sleep is so long that if they take a few years to wake up, they are waking up quite early.

It is happening, and it is a kind of happening that once it starts it is infectious, contagious. Then it goes on and on from one person to another.

We have to make this whole earth fully awake, and we are capable now. I can say with confidence that I have the right people with me, the intelligent people who can do every kind of work to help humanity to become conscious.

So I am not worried at all about their unconsciousness, neither am I worried about our capacity to wake them up. Our capacity to wake them is far bigger and greater than their capacity to remain asleep. And this will be some miracle - walking on water is silly; you can cross the lake in a boat, there is no need.

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