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Chapter 5: This Moment Is Enough for Me

Even if somebody misuses, takes advantage of my love, it does not matter to me. My love remains the same.

There is no way to find another person to succeed me. Once they have lost me, they have lost me forever.

When I was here last week I recall you saying during one of your addresses to the commune members that you purposefully chose Sheela and willingly allowed her to continue what you called her reign of terror in order to give your followers what you referred to as a taste of fascism. Were you serious or was this a joke?


Does that mean, then, that generally you did know of some of the things that Sheela must be doing?

No. I did not know anything that she was doing. One thing I knew, that she will do something which will give a taste to the commune of fascism. And it is good to have a taste of fascism so that you don’t get into the trap again.

And it is better to give that experience while I am here.

I stopped it before it could have become too much. And now my people will remain aware, and they will know how it happens, how it grows and how it destroys everybody’s freedom, individuality, integrity.

I was absolutely serious when I said it.

And yet you say you stopped it. My impression is that Sheela left without you knowing and on her own accord.

I stopped it without her knowing. The moment I started speaking she was finished. Being here was of no more of any nourishment to her ego. Except leaving like a coward, she could not do anything else.

I never said her to leave. In my whole life I have never said anybody to leave. I just create the situation that you have to leave.

I started speaking and that was enough. She was finished. Her whole power was that I was silent, and in my name she could exploit my people, could manage anything she wanted them to do. Once I started speaking, no representative was needed, no mediator was needed. I was face to face with my people. She was absolutely useless.

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