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Chapter 7: The Lust for Power

About dates and days I am absolutely useless. To me time simply does not exist. I use the watch only when I am giving an interview or giving a discourse in the morning, just so that I don’t waste your time or other peoples’ time. Without the watch I will not know how many hours have passed or how many days. I don’t have any idea of days, I don’t know what date today is, what month. I live in a timeless state. And I don’t need to know about, but it must have been something - seven, eight months before, when I became aware that it is time that I will have to come out of silence and start speaking again so that I am available to the commune and people can open their mouth.

As I started speaking, she was the only one who was miserable. The whole commune was dancing and happy that I am again speaking, because they were thinking perhaps I am not going to speak again ever. She was trying hard convincing me, “Don’t speak, because it may destroy your health again. Somehow you have recovered.” I said, “What I will do with the health? Let it be destroyed.” But now I see, something is happening that I had to be in the open.

The moment I started speaking she started traveling around the world into other communes. Mostly she was in Europe or in Australia or in Singapore or in India or in Japan, she will come for one or two day, and then she will go again. And the whole reason was: she did not want to face me and slowly, slowly, people started coming and telling what things had been happening.

That a man has been killed, that the people who has been brought here in the name of Share-a-Home program were not really brought for Share-a-Home program, but for taking over of the Wasco county. And they were kept completely drugged. Gallons of drugs were imported from outside. They were not purchased from America, because then there will be a suspicion - for what gallons of drugs are needed? And all those poor people were kept drugged, so that whatever is told to them, they will do.

One man was drugged, accidentally - perhaps a bigger dose than he needed - and he died on the spot. They simply threw his body out of Rancho Rajneesh. It is so inhuman.

Then I became aware that they are taping every phone that comes to the Ranch or goes out from the Ranch - all phone calls are being taped. This is against human rights. It is interfering into peoples’ privacy.

Then I became aware that not only they are taping; they have bugged, not.the whole hotel, so nobody who is staying in the hotel - officers were coming, journalists were coming and they were all aware what they are talking, what they are thinking.

My own room was bugged. The same fear: that anybody out of the three persons may say something to me - they will know it immediately. My caretaker’s room was bugged. President Hasya’s whole house was bugged, because she was most afraid of Hasya. Because I was in silence, most of the intelligent and more educated people she simply by and by forced them to leave the commune, harassed them. The chancellor of the university escaped, the vice-chancellor of the university escaped, psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors - anybody who had some sense of dignity - simply escaped.

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