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Chapter 2: Osho Talks on His Work and Vision

[Osho’s visit to the US Immigration and Naturalization Service was in connection with an application for permanent residence in the USA, filed on his behalf a year earlier. These extracts are highlights of what Osho said about his work and vision.]

On April 11, 1981, it was announced in Pune that beginning May 1, 1981 you would speak only through silence and that a new phase of your work would begin. This is correct?

This is correct. One month in Pune while I was there. I was simply sitting and people were sitting by my side. Seven thousand sannyasins were living with me there. This was only one hour every day in the morning. Here also, once or twice, we have sat together. Slowly, slowly, it will come again, everything, every day. It is kind of a prayer in silent communion.

This was your decision to go into this silent stage?

My decision.

Okay, how long will this silent stage continue?

It will continue.

Until when?

Until I feel again to speak. I have spoken so much that I felt I was speaking to the walls. It is almost futile.

Then you would not be able to give me a specific date in the future that you would resume speaking?

I cannot even say anything about tomorrow.

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