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Chapter 16: Fear of the Future

But our ways of thinking are utterly wrong. We have forgotten how to live a really human life - warm, welcoming, sensate, sensuous. The words “sensuous” and “sensate” have become dirty words; particularly in India they are dirty words. I am using them knowing that people will be offended.

Become sensuous. The senses are as divine as anything else. The whole existence is divine.

And the last question:

The other day in lecture for the first time I heard your song! It was so beautiful. Your words had no meaning, your voice was soft music that surrounded and filled me with such joy and delight! What a wonderful surprise!

Dhanya, that is the way to hear me. It is for the first time you have heard me. It is for the first time communion has happened and not only communication. Communication is through words, communion is through music. Communication is an intellectual process; communion is that of the heart, when two hearts meet and mingle and melt.

Dhanya, your name means “the blessed one.” You are.you are blessed. This is the way to be with me. This is adab the way to be with a master - heart to heart, silence to silence, spirit to spirit.

When my words start disappearing and you start hearing the gaps between the words, when you start hearing the gaps between the lines, you will be full of great music. That is my real message.

Enough for today.