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Chapter 34: The Sound of Truth: “Aha!”

Illusions create a kind of buffer between them and the real. The reality will shatter their egos; these buffers save their egos, their ideologies, theologies. And it feels great that you are in contact with mediums who are directly connected to God. Soon you will become a medium; it is just a question of apprenticeship.

So people ask me about mediums - whether they are true or not. There is no God, so how can mediums be true? They are just exploiting gullible people. But you are fifty percent responsible for the whole thing. If they are exploiting, you are willing to be exploited. In fact, if nobody is ready to exploit you, you start feeling uneasy. You need some parasites.

So there are mediums, there are people who have direct relationship with spirits. There are people in whom spirits descend, and they answer your questions. And all this goes on around the earth, and this has nothing to do with spirituality. Spirituality is a very real science. These people are preventing many from reaching to the real, because they are giving substitutes for the real.

I have heard of a small boy who was going with his grandmother to a spiritual session where a few old women used to sit in darkness, and then the spirit would descend on one of them. The boy was very interested, because he wanted his grandfather’s spirit to descend. So he asked beforehand, “Please let there be no misunderstanding: everybody should ask for my grandfather who has been dead for two years; ask that his spirit should descend.”

Lights were put off. Those old ladies were sitting in silence.. One old lady, who was the leader of the group, started swaying, and the grandmother of the child nudged the child and said, “Your grandfather has come - you can ask any question.”

He asked, “Grandpa, are you there?” and a voice came, “Yes.”

The boy laughed, he said, “So, after all, you are not dead yet? And we all have been thinking that you have been dead for two years. But I will not be convinced unless you tell me something which only I and you know.”

Now, this was a difficult question for the old lady. She had no idea what this boy and his grandfather knew and nobody else knew. Suddenly, the swaying stopped, and she said, “The spirit has gone.”

The boy said, “But this is strange. We have so many secrets between us - he loved me so much, I loved him so much. He could have mentioned anything that only I and he knew. I cannot believe that this was my grandfather. You can deceive my grandmother but you cannot deceive me; just swaying does not mean anything.”

Even a small child, if he is intelligent, can see this is all a hocus-pocus game that goes on in the names of mediums, messengers. There are so many questions concerning such esoteric matters.. Spirituality has nothing to do with any esotericism. Spirituality is very pragmatic, very realistic - and that is my whole effort here.

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