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Chapter 27: Growing Up, or Just Growing Old?

“Oh, Melvin, oh Melvin,” she said passionately, “You’ve never made love to me like this before. Is it because of the holiday spirit?”

“No,” he panted. “It is probably because I am not Melvin!”

It is possible, when you have a hearty laugh, mind stops, because mind cannot laugh. It is structured seriously, its function is to be serious, miserable, sick. The moment you laugh, it does not come from your mind, it comes from the beyond, from your very inner spirit. According to me, all the religions have missed one of the dimensions of the greatest importance, a sense of humor. And they have made the whole world serious.

I want my people to fill the world with laughter, joy, songs, and dances. We are not seeking for any paradise - we are seeking how to create the paradise, herenow, because we are not interested in things after death. If we can create a paradise herenow, certainly we will be able - even if we meet in hell - to create the paradise there.

All my people are condemned by all the religions, so I hope we will be reaching hell. But they are to be warned, “Don’t send my people to hell, because they will turn the hell into a far better paradise than you have with your old, dirty and dry saints who cannot even smile!”

I trust absolutely that when a million sannyasins enter into hell with their guitars and songs and dances and jokes the whole quality and the whole atmosphere of hell is going to be changed - I think even the devil will join you! He will become a sannyasin: Swami Anand Devil!