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Chapter 5: Rebellion Should Be Hilarious

They are frightened. The fear comes from the fact that if the people of Oregon become acquainted with us, they will forget the idea, “It is better to be dead than red.” They will change it to the idea, “It is better to be red than dead.” This is the fear.

Why is the German government afraid of me? Why does the German parliament continuously argue about me? I am nobody - not a politician, no power in my hands. Why should I be discussed in the parliaments of Holland, Germany, England, America? It seems to be simply strange.

But when one is in paranoia, afraid.. The greatest fear comes when your youth starts moving in another direction; that means you are losing your grip on the future. The youth are the future, and if the youth are moving in some direction, certainly their children will move with their parents, and the old generation will be left behind in their graveyards. It is a real fear. The youth are the life of a land, and when life is slipping out of your hands, great fear arises.

But nothing can prevent existence from following its fundamental laws. After Adolf Hitler, I am absolutely needed in Germany! The wound that Adolf Hitler has left behind, nobody else can heal. My love, my people and their love, can heal the wound very easily.

In Germany we have many communes, and those are the only places where you will see people laughing, enjoying, dancing, singing. Every day, thousands of non-sannyasins are coming to our German discos. It became a problem to accommodate so many people. People are waiting outside the discos in line, so when the first group leaves they can enter.

No church can claim that there is a line outside waiting! Naturally the church is afraid, the government is afraid. What is going to happen to these people? And they cannot understand either your way of life or your freedom, or your thoughts, or your spontaneity. You are the strangest people they have come across.

Yes, Germans are one of the biggest groups among my sannyasins, and every day more and more Germans are turning towards me. I can give you the guarantee that Germany cannot remain anything other than a land of sannyasins - and that will be the absolutely certain prevention of any other Adolf Hitler happening.

They have suffered so much, they need a little relaxation. They have been in such a mental torture, they need some peace of mind. Their political leaders cannot give it to them. Their religious leaders cannot give it to them. Naturally, they have started seeking, and they have found me. I can give them everything that Adolf Hitler has destroyed in the German spirit.

The German spirit is in ruins. We can again make it a beautiful home where you can live, love, dance, sing. And Germans are capable people, strong people. If they could stand alone, against the whole world and maintain that stand for five years, continuously victorious, they can do the same for our vision of the world. Their energy, their strength can be used for creative purposes.

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