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Chapter 3: No Question, No Answer

And when you have tasted something of wisdom, knowledge looks so stupid, so utterly stupid. But if you have not tasted anything of wisdom, knowledge seems to be of tremendous value.

Zalewski got a job as a delivery boy in a pet shop. One day he was told to deliver a pet rabbit to Mrs. Caldwell, Route 2 - Box 4.

“You better write that down in case I forget it,” said the boy.

Slipping the address into his pocket, Zalewski started off on his errand. Every few minutes he glanced at the address and said, “I know where I am going: Mrs. Caldwell, Route 2 - Box 4.”

Everything went smoothly until he hit a huge hole in the road. The truck landed in a ditch and the rabbit began to run for its life across an open field.

Zalewski stood there laughing uproariously. A passerby stopped and asked, “What’s so funny?”

“Did you see that crazy rabbit running across that field?” said the Polack. “He does not know where he is going because I have got the address in my pocket.”

That is the state of the knowledgeable man: he has got the address in his pocket. He knows where God is, he knows where heaven is, he knows where hell is. He knows everything - all is in his pocket. He carries scriptures, and he believes in the letter and he misses the spirit. He goes on believing in words, he believes too much in the words. And words are useful if you can understand the spirit that is hidden behind them, that is not so apparent, not so visible.

In the hands of a meditative person words can become of infinite value, because they can be indicators. But in the hands of non-meditators words are dangerous, very dangerous, because the spirit is completely missed and one starts believing in the hollow, empty word, and one starts following the word.

That is what is happening to the Christians, to the Hindus, to the Mohammedans, to the Jainas, to the Buddhists - all are believers in words. Somebody believes in the Koran and somebody in the Gita and somebody in the Bible, and they all are missing the spirit. Because to know the spirit of the Bible, you will have to come to certain inner spaces where you become acquainted with Moses, with Jesus.. Unless you have a direct, inner contact with Moses and Jesus you will not understand the Bible.

But following the word you may look very important - to people who are just like you, not different in any way. They also believe in words, you also believe in words; both live in the same kind of ignorance. This is not wisdom.

Wisdom is an interior phenomenon. It is the discovery of the spirit of all the buddhas. And there is no need to go into the history of the buddhas. You have only to go within yourself, because you contain the whole past of existence, the infinite past, and you also contain the infinite future.

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