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Chapter 19: The Golden Flower Is Opening

Master Lu-Tsu said:
There are many kinds of confirmatory experiences. One must not content oneself with small demands but must rise to the thought that all living creatures have to be redeemed. One must not be trivial and irresponsible in heart, but must strive to make deeds prove one’s words.

If, when there is quiet, the spirit has continuously and uninterruptedly a sense of great joy as if intoxicated or freshly bathed, it is a sign that the light-principle is harmonious in the whole body; then the Golden Flower begins to bud. When, furthermore, all openings are quiet, and the silver moon stands in the middle of heaven, and one has the feeling that this great earth is a world of light and brightness, that is a sign that the body of the heart opens itself to clarity. It is a sign that the Golden Flower is opening. Furthermore, the whole body feels strong and firm so that it fears neither storm nor frost. Things by which other men are displeased, when I meet them, cannot becloud the brightness of the seed of the spirit. Yellow gold fills the house, the steps are of white jade. Rotten and stinking things on earth that come in contact with one breath of the true energy will immediately live again. Red blood becomes milk. The fragile body of the flesh is sheer gold and diamonds. That is a sign that the Golden Flower is crystallized.

The brilliancy of the light gradually crystallizes. Hence a great terrace arises and upon it, in the course of time, the Buddha appears. When the golden being appears who should it be but the Buddha? For the Buddha is the golden holy man of the great enlightenment. This is a great confirmatory experience.

A parable:

One day the lord Vishnu was sitting in a deep cave within a far mountain meditating with his disciple. Upon the completion of the meditation the disciple was so moved that he prostrated himself at Vishnu’s feet and begged to be able to perform some service for his lord, in gratitude. Vishnu smiled and shook his head, “It will be most difficult for you to repay me in actions for what I have just given you freely.”

“Please lord,” the disciple said, “allow me the grace of serving you.”

“Very well,” Vishnu relented, “I would like a nice cool cup of water.”

“At once lord,” the disciple said, and he ran down the mountain singing in joy. After a while he came to a small house at the edge of a beautiful valley and knocked at the door. “May I please have a cool cup of water for my master,” he called. “We are wandering sannyasins and have no home on this earth.”

A wondrous maiden answered his call and looked at him with undisguised adoration. “Ah,” she whispered, “you must serve that holy saint upon the far mountain. Please good sir, enter my house and bestow your blessing therein.”

“Forgive my rudeness,” he answered, “but I am in haste. I must return to my master with his water immediately.”

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