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Chapter 20: A Graceful Old Age Is Your Birthright

Then, his voice very gentle and low, he asked, “Where are you going tonight?”

The defense attorney jumped to his feet and shouted, “Objection! I asked her first.”

It is not difficult to know that you are in an Indian court where everybody is sexually starved.

Questions coming out of sexual starvation will indicate the religious conditioning against life. And India has suffered most; it has the deepest conditioning against life, that’s why it also has the biggest ego of being spiritual. And it is sheer nonsense, because having such a deeply repressed sexuality and then the claim for being spiritual is just a contradiction.

You can be spiritual only when all sex is transformed, not repressed - understood, transmuted. When there is no sex lurking in your mind somewhere, when the whole energy involved in sex has become luminous, only then can you be spiritual, because sex at the lowest point when it becomes aflame is the same energy as enlightenment at the ultimate point. At the alpha point it is sex; at the omega point it is samadhi, it is super-consciousness.

So whatever you ask, you show without knowing your unconscious. I have to look into your unconscious and only then I can answer you relevantly. Then my answer is no more academic, then my answer becomes intimate: the answer out of love and compassion, not out of knowledge and ready-made wisdom.

A pair of good friends, Frenchmen.Now even if the mention of Frenchmen is not made, looking at the whole episode you can conclude it is about Frenchmen.

A pair of good friends were strolling down the street in Paris one day when they spied two women approaching.

Sacre bleu, Pierre,” cried one. “There comes my wife and mistress walking towards us arm in arm!”

Mon Dieu, Henri,” cried the second, “I was about to say the same thing!”

But that can happen only in Paris, and that can happen only about the Frenchman. You cannot expect this happening in Pune.