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Chapter 9: Experience: The Heart of the Matter

In India the enlightened person is not called christ, but christ-consciousness is the same as buddha-consciousness. In China the enlightened person is called neither a prophet nor a buddha, but he is called “the sage.” The Chinese can say, “So many sages are born here, nowhere else.” And every race has its own ego, so China thinks itself the greatest land on earth.

When the first travelers from the West went to China and they went to see the emperor, they were thinking that they had come to very primitive people. And what were the Chinese thinking about them? They were thinking, “These people look like monkeys!” The Chinese records say that “monkeys have come from the West.” And the Western travelers wrote that “these people are very primitive, barbarians.”

Germans think they are the real Nordic Aryans, that they are meant to rule over the world, they are the most superior people. And the white thinks he’s the most superior, and how can the black man even claim that he is a human being? - he is not. All egos and nothing else.

So these Indian so-called mahatmas who go on traveling around the world teaching people that India is the only spiritual country, the only religious country, are nothing but chauvinists, racists; they are not religious at all. Because a religious person.how can he claim that godliness has been happening on only one spot on the earth? Godliness is happening everywhere! Godliness is everywhere! He is not concentrated somewhere more and somewhere less; he’s impartially showering all over existence. It is his existence, it is his creation.

So this idea has to be dropped. No country is spiritual, no country is special. And the day will be a day of great jubilation in the world when we can drop all these stupid ideas of Indians, of Germans, of Chinese, of English, of Hindus, of Christians, of Mohammedans. When a pure human being arises who belongs to the whole earth, who is a citizen of the whole, who is universal, that will be the beginning of something spiritual. A spiritual man is a whole man. His vision knows no divisions, his vision is indivisible.

You ask, “If India is such an unspiritual country, why are so many enlightened beings born here?” There are a few things more to be understood. One is: in the day, the stars disappear. What happens? Do they go and hide somewhere? They are there, exactly where they have always been, but the sunlight is too much, you cannot see them. When the sun has gone down they will start appearing again. Not that they start coming; they have been there the whole day, but great darkness is needed for them to shine.

Lao Tzu says that there was a time when people were so religious that there was no religion at all. There was a time when people were so innocent that they had not even heard the word innocence. They were so simple that they knew nothing of simplicity. They were so trusting that they had not heard anything about faith, belief, trust. There was no religion because people were religious! Just think of that time, if it ever was. Then there could not be any enlightened person, because all were in that kind of ocean, in that place called enlightenment.

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