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Chapter 14: Forget the Dancer and Be the Dance

Yes, there have been a few spiritual people in India, as there have been everywhere. There is nothing to claim, nothing special to claim about it. Yes, Buddha has been here and Mahavira has been here and Krishna has been here. But so what? Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu and Lieh Tzu have been in China; and Zarathustra and Moses and Ezekiel and John the Baptist and Jesus and Mohammed and Saint Francis.. You can go on counting hundreds of names from all over the world. It is nothing special to India.

This land is in no way more spiritual than any other land, but then it hurts. Then there is nothing left to claim, and the Indian ego feels hurt.

They are angry with me because I am telling them, “Whatsoever you are claiming is just holy cow dung. You are not spiritual. In fact, you are only hypocrites - the greatest hypocrites in the world.”

I have walked all over the country, from one corner to the other corner. I have watched the whole country very minutely. It is utterly materialistic, but it hides its materialism in a spiritual garb; and because of this spiritual claim, it cannot fulfill its materialist needs. And deep down it hankers for materialism, and on the surface it goes on pretending. India has that haughty look of holier-than-thou. It goes on believing that it has the claim to being the spiritual master of the whole world. It is all nonsense.

Spiritual people have been everywhere, spiritual people will go on happening everywhere. No society is spiritual yet; only individuals are. No nation is spiritual yet.

That’s why, it cannot be proud of me.

Only one Western woman, Nivedita, had come with Vivekananda, and India was very proud. Now, thousands of women and men have come to me, but India cannot be proud of it. Why? I am not in any way supporting its chauvinistic claims.

I am for one world. I am not an Indian and I am not a German and I am not a Chinese. I claim the whole world as mine, and I would like nations to disappear.

And if India really feels it has some claim to being spiritual, then let India disappear first. That will be proof. Let India disappear as a nation; let it become an international land. That will be proof, concrete proof. But people go on talking about non-violence in India, and go on preparing for war. They go on talking about brotherhood and the unity of all religions, and just go on doing the opposite of it.

Because I am exposing things as they are, because I am functioning like an x-ray, they are angry. Nobody likes the x-ray, because it reveals your bones, your skeleton, your skull; and you have been thinking yourself so beautiful and all that comes out is just a skeleton? So this is you? You become angry, you become annoyed. Their annoyance with me is understandable. I perfectly understand it.

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