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Chapter 29: Judgment Day: A Very Stupid Idea

When you create a fiction you create many problems. If nobody asks any questions it is okay, but if somebody starts asking questions, your fiction is going to be exposed. So there are religions who believe that before God nothing existed, God created everything. Now the question arises, from where? Just out of nothing?

And if he could create out of nothing this whole universe, why did he wait so long? Christians say only four thousand and four years before Jesus Christ he created the world. So what was that dodo doing all the time for eternity? Just sitting in his rocking chair? But there is no mention of a rocking chair in any holy scripture. He must have been doing something.

Any fiction will create problems. To avoid that, Mormons say God created the world from preexisting material so he is not producing the world out of nothing. But they forget that you can patch up your fiction from one side; the hole will appear on another side. From where did this preexisting matter come? Who created it? There must be another God, bigger. But it will lead you into an infinite regress. That bigger God will also create the world and your first God out of preexisting material. Who created that? Now you will be simply going into stupidity.

The Mormons are strange people - nice, intelligent, and still believing in such stupid things! The leader of the Mormons had seven or eight wives. If God is the creator of this whole world, at least the leader of the Mormons can create a little world out of eight wives - a big family. And that was their idea, that if all the Mormons marry many women, then sooner or later Mormons will be ruling over the world: just go on creating children.

But a strange idea, that God is a material thing.. This does not solve anything, it creates more problems. Other religions have the problem that God is a spiritual being and he creates the world - but the problem is: a spiritual being, from where does he get all this matter?

He is spiritual, just pure spirit. He cannot take out from himself any matter, but he cannot take it out from anywhere else, because that will mean the matter was already in existence. To avoid the difficulty Mormons believe God is a material thing, and now they fall into a bigger ditch: a material thing can create other material things?

Matter cannot create matter. And matter cannot be worshipped either. Matter cannot be prayed to. What is the difference between the matter you walk upon and the matter that God is? To avoid one difficulty, they fell into another difficulty.

The other religions who think God is a spiritual being and the world is material have created a split in existence; it is not one, it is two. And that split is the cause of all human schizophrenia and suffering. Because they believed God is separate and the world is separate, naturally that separation goes down, back to your life.

Your body is separate, your soul is separate; and you have to fight the body, destroy the body, torture the body, so that you can become a saint. The soul has to be freed from the body and bodily desires, bodily instincts.

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