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Chapter 4: Spreading a Net of Perfume

Whenever you talk about music and dance, it touches something really deep in me, and my whole being is absorbed in every word and gesture, like a sponge. When you talked about awareness and being totally lost in the music, I suddenly understood what an incredible gift you have given me by letting me dance around you - where nothing was said, but awareness had to be there, and it came naturally, together with being lost in the dance. In moments like that I am filled with awe and gratefulness, just seeing how you guide us so perfectly and so caringly and how you create situations through which, with just a little bit of effort, we can gain so much.
I am so immensely grateful to be here with you.

Gayan, the most important thing in spiritual guidance is that it should not be direct. The guided should not feel he is being guided. Whenever guidance is direct it brings a kind of slavery; the guided becomes dependent on the guide.

But to guide indirectly is very difficult. It is a kind of persuasion where the guided cannot feel at all that he is being told to do this, to do that. He is simply being given indications, with such love, that he likes to go in those directions in those moments. And he becomes aware that he has been guided on each step - carefully guided - but only when he has reached.

Now there is no problem and no fear. One who has arrived cannot be made dependent, he can only feel gratitude. The responses will be totally different.

If you guide a person directly he will resist it, because you are trying to mold his personality; you are taking away his freedom, making him move in a certain direction.

In the first place he will never reach, because with this reluctance, this resistance, there is, deep down, anger and rage. He is doing it - becoming dependent, accepting a certain spiritual slavery - for his own desires.

And these are the factors which will create resentment in him. They will not bridge him to the master; they will create a wall between the two. Reaching the goal is almost impossible.

This is a vicious circle: when you do everything that you are being told to do, outwardly you are obedient, ready to serve the master - outwardly grateful - but inwardly reluctant, resistant, angry. And when doing everything that the master has said, and you don’t reach.that is the point where these kinds of people turn into enemies. Rather than bringing gratitude into them, the whole process has only gathered more and more enmity.

But to guide a person without his being at all aware that he is being guided.it is just like when you smell perfume in the garden and you start moving towards it. You will not feel reluctant, resistant, inimical to the perfume - although it has guided you. In fact, spreading the perfume is nothing but spreading a net in which those who are capable will be caught and brought closer and closer.

They will recognize only after they have reached that they have been guided, that they have been guarded, cared for - and not a single word has been told to them to do this or not to do this. Their freedom has not been touched in any way. They have not been turned into slaves.

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