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Chapter 2: From the Body to the Soul

Spirituality belongs to your essential being, and religiousness only to the outermost: actions, behavior, morality. Religiousness is formal; going to the church every Sunday is a social affair. The church is nothing but a kind of club, a Rotary Club, a Lions Club - and there are many clubs. The church is also a club, but with religious pretensions.

The spiritual person belongs to no creed, to no dogma. He cannot belong to any church, Hindu, Christian, Mohammedan.it is impossible for him to belong to any.

Spirituality is one; religions are many.

My insistence here is on inner transformation.

I don’t teach you religion, I teach you spirituality.

I can understand why you were unable to find any answer. You must have been asking the religious people - the Christians, the bishops, the popes, the priests, or the rabbis. They will give you answers because they are supposed to know. They know nothing; they are just supposed to know.

“Rabbi,” asked Little Saul one day, “why do coachmen have brown, white, red or black beards, but never green ones?”

“I have to ponder on this,” replied the rabbi.

“Rabbi,” asked Little Saul again, “why do you always chain the horse with its tail towards the carriage instead of its head?”

“I have to think about this,” replied the rabbi.

Next day the rabbi saw Little Saul and told him, “I have found the solution to both your questions: if the beard of a coachman were green and you put the horse with its head towards the carriage, the horse might think the beard was grass and eat it!”

The rabbis, the priests, the bishops - they are supposed to know everything. You can ask any question, sensible or not so sensible, making some sense or making no sense at all, but they will answer. It is their business to answer all kinds of stupid questions.

You must have been asking these people, that’s why you have not been successful in obtaining an answer. They don’t have the answer. Only a Jesus can answer your question, or a Buddha or a Kabir or a Nanak - somebody who knows life from his innermost being, who has come to know the eternal in himself.

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