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Chapter 2: Man Is Born as Freedom

Man is not an entity, he is a bridge - a bridge between two eternities: the animal and the God, the unconscious and the conscious. Grow in consciousness, grow in freedom, take each step out of your own choice: create yourself. A sannyasin is one who creates himself and takes the whole responsibility for it.

The second question:

What is spirituality? And what is enlightenment? Mind is a monkey. The more someone wants to erase the impressions carried by him, the more he goes on gathering new ones.
Osho, could you please show me a way?

G.D. Murthi

You have asked many questions in one. The first thing to be understood is: your questions are not authentic, they are not yours; they come from your Indian conditioning.

You ask: “What is spirituality?” First one should ask, “Who am I?” First one should ask, “What is this consciousness in me?” But we make a philosophical question out of an existential one. And the existential is forgotten, and the philosophical becomes very significant: “What is spirituality?”

Spirituality is not something that can be defined, is not something that can be answered. It is something that you have to explore. And the right beginning will be, don’t ask such stupid questions; start with something sensible. Ask, “Who am I?”

And I cannot answer that question; you have to ask within yourself, “Who am I?” Go on using that question as a digging instrument within your being. Just as a person digs a well one has to dig a well in oneself, because there are layers and layers of conditioning, layers and layers of knowledge. Unless you have thrown all those layers out you will not know your own being, your own center.

And the Indian mind is the most rotten in the world because it is the most ancient in the world. For at least ten thousand years it has existed - it has forgotten how to die. It does not know how to live, it has forgotten to die. It is in a kind of limbo, it is in a kind of coma-breathing, not dead, not alive either. And it asks great questions, but those questions arise out of borrowed knowledge. “What is spirituality? What is enlightenment?” All bullshit! There is no spirituality, there is no enlightenment. To know this is to be enlightened! To be just ordinary, to live - to enjoy, to love, to dance, to sing, to create - the very ordinary existence with an extraordinary intensity, with passion, that is enlightenment.

But you must be looking for some esoteric answer. I am against all esoteric things.

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