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Chapter 7: Eat from the Tree of Knowledge

I have heard that it used to happen in Soviet Russia: Stalin removed all those names that he did not want. When the Russian revolution succeeded, Trotsky was the second man to Lenin, not Stalin; Stalin was nowhere. But Trotsky was killed, murdered, in Mexico. He had had to escape. Then there is every possibility Lenin was poisoned.. And then Stalin started writing the whole history again. Then pictures of Trotsky disappeared, and Stalin’s pictures started appearing in place of Trotsky’s pictures, second to Lenin - all tricks with photography. All history books were changed. When Khrushchev came to power he did the same with Stalin - his name was removed, his books were pulled out, burned. Not only that, his grave, which was made by the side of Lenin, near the Kremlin wall, was removed. His bones were taken out and sent back to his village where he was born.

I have heard: Khrushchev was addressing the presidium, and was telling them that Stalin has committed a great crime against communism. He has murdered millions of men. One man from the back said, “But you were with Stalin all this time, why did not you say anything?”

Khrushchev said, “Please stand up and tell your name.” Nobody stood. Khrushchev said, “Do you know now why I was silent?”

I have always respected America as a country of democracy. I have always appreciated the respect for the individual, for freedom, freedom of expression. I have always loved the American Constitution. And now I feel it would have been better if I had not come here, because now I am feeling absolutely disappointed. That constitution is bogus. These words: individual, freedom, capitalism, freedom of expression, are all just words. Behind the screen it is the same politician, the same ugly face, the same mean mind - because in my opinion only the meanest people in the world are attracted toward politics; the meanest, the lowest, because they know they can only do something if they have power. You only need power to do something harmful; otherwise love is enough, compassion is enough. And for compassion you need not be a president of a country, for love you need not be a prime minister.

So I say to you: this commune by itself can never become a Jonestown - that is impossible. But these politicians can bomb it, can destroy it. They have been talking in those exact terms: that we should be thrown out of America, that we should be slaughtered. It is possible, because for the politician everything is possible - because every politician is a potential Adolf Hitler, a Joseph Stalin, a Benito Mussolini.