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Chapter 24: Infallibility: Just a Popedream

She said, “Now I have to tell you the whole thing; this is how it happened. Now that the smoke goes directly to his nose it has made his whole face black.”

The master of that monastery must have been a man of understanding. He said, “This is bound to happen. When you start possessing even a Buddha, what else can you dispossess? A nun is supposed to have no possessions - and you are not even able to let your Buddha be free. You are not even able to understand that all these statues are of the same Buddha, so wherever the fragrance reaches, it is reaching to Buddha.

“And even if it doesn’t reach these statues, even if it reaches outside to the stones, they are hidden Buddhas.because someday some sculptor comes and chops and hammers the rock and just takes out a few unnecessary pieces clinging to it, and the Buddha who was hiding in the stone appears again. So even if your fragrance goes to a stone outside - to the milestone - then too it is reaching a hidden Buddha. So don’t be worried: wherever it goes, it goes to him. Otherwise this is not the blackened face of your Buddha, this is your face blackened.”

Buddha has no God, but he wants you to share your joy immediately. Don’t hold onto it even for a single moment. It will reach, it will vibrate into the existence. Hence, each single man becoming enlightened takes the whole universe a little higher than it was before. This is the only contribution that you can make.

All your contributions - good paintings, good statues, poetry - are not real contributions because they don’t help human consciousness to go higher, and that is the only richness in existence. But a single human being becoming enlightened may not do anything he may not create a statue, he may not be a painter, he may not be a poet, a singer - it doesn’t matter: he has already contributed. The greatest gift he has given to the world without anybody even knowing about it: he has raised you higher than you were.

The whole evolution of consciousness has depended on only a few people; others are beneficiaries. They have not done anything to be what they are, where they are.

What have you done to be a conscious human being? I don’t think that you can remember that you have done anything to be a conscious human being, but you are a conscious human being. Of course your consciousness is very small, a very momentary phenomenon; you can become unconscious in a second. Somebody hits your face, slaps you, and your consciousness disappears; you become unconscious. Then whatever you do, you are doing it in unconsciousness. Later on, when consciousness comes back and you cool down, you may repent; you may feel this was not right. Who did it?

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