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Chapter 8: The Dewdrop and the Ocean

If one wishes to meet Buddha, Krishna, Mahavira, Jesus or Mohammed, he cannot meet them in their drop form. No matter how many statues you may make and keep of them, you will never be able to meet that drop anymore. That drop is now one with the ocean - and actually that is why you have made the statue of it. This is the interesting paradox: the statue has been made because the drop has become one with the ocean. Now it has become worthy of having its statue made.

But making statues is now pointless. Now if you want to meet, the only way is merge into the ocean itself.

The outer form of the drop comes from our parents. The inner arrangement of the drop comes from its previous lives. And the life-energy, which is the being, is received from the whole. But until we have thoroughly recognized these two layers of the drop, we will not be able to know that which is beyond the two.

Enough for today.