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Chapter 16: Only Idiots Are Consistent

Buddha has said, for example - his last words were, “Don’t make any statues of me. I am not a god. And do not worship me, because I do not want you to be reduced into a lower status. You can love me, but you cannot worship me. Love does not need statues and temples.”

But the day he died just the opposite happened. It is very surprising: he was the only man in history who said, “Don’t make my statues” - and in the world there are more statues of Gautam Buddha than anybody else. There was a time when there were only statues of Gautam Buddha and in a few languages like Arabic, Urdu, Persian, the word buddha became synonymous with statue. His were the only statues, so in Arabic and Urdu budh - that is their way of calling Buddha - means statue, and buthkana means the temple where the statue of Buddha is stationed. This is just an example.

On everything they went wrong. Buddha had said, “You should be vegetarians - but if an animal dies a natural death you can eat his meat too because you are not killing him.” And he was very logical too; he just forgot that his being logical was going to be exploited by the priests, by the followers.

Now you will find in China, in Korea, in Japan, in Sri Lanka, in Burma, in every hotel, a big board with the writing: Here only dead animals’ meat is sold. The whole of Asia is Buddhist, except India. How did so many animals die? - that is the mystery.

Animals are very obliging, and I have asked the Buddhist priests, “If you eat only the animals who die naturally, then why all these places for killing animals? Why does all this hunting go on? You are all Buddhist, the whole country is Buddhist, so no animal should be killed; you should wait for his natural death.” Buddha was logically right that if an animal is dead then it is almost vegetable, there is no harm in eating its meat; you are still nonviolent.

But life is not logical; life has its own very subtle ways of bypassing all logical systems. Seeing the situation, I declared Rajneeshism, the religion, dead before my eyes. Now there is no Rajneeshism, but only a fragrance. You cannot catch hold of it in your fist; you cannot make a dogma out of it.

You can enjoy it, you can love it, you can sing it, you can dance with it and it will not be a bondage to you; it will bring more and more freedom to you.

And now it is never going to die.

Once it has died, now it has become an eternal fragrance.

Which term is most characteristic of you: philosopher, thinker, messiah, rebel, revolutionary or genius?

None of these terms categorize me, because I am a simple human being - awakened, alert, self-realized. Remember me just as someone amongst you.not holier, not higher. I don’t belong to these big categories.

I belong among the very ordinary human beings who have no categories.

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