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Chapter 7: Only One Time: Now

But I would like to tell you: it is always the case that the multitudes are bound to be wrong. Only rarely is there an individual who is right, because truth is such a pinnacle, such a peak, like Everest. You cannot go to Everest with a multitude; there is not space enough. Only one person can stand on the highest peak, alone.

Meditation is the experience of being totally alone, utterly alone. Prayer is a crowd phenomenon, it is a mob psychology. Hence Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, Mohammedanism, all have remained religions of prayer. Even the two religions which tried to become religions of meditation fell back. Buddhism and Jainism, these two religions tried to be religions of meditation - but only Buddha and Mahavira, two individuals, could manage. The moment they died their religions started falling back to the old, regressive pattern; they both became religions of prayer.

Now Jainas are praying before Mahavira. That is even worse, because Christians can have some support from Jesus but Jainas have no support from Mahavira. Buddhists, millions of Buddhists, are praying before the statue of Buddha. That is ridiculous, unbelievable, because Buddha’s last words were, “Be a light unto yourself.” And it is a strange phenomenon that Buddha’s statues were the first to be made in the world; his statues were the first to be installed in temples.

There are temples to Buddha with thousands of statues. One temple in China is called The Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas - ten thousand statues of Buddha in one temple! The whole mountain has been carved into a temple. If Buddha comes back he will start beating his head, he will commit suicide.

The first thing to be remembered: I believe in an orgasmic universe. There are no such divisions as the creator and the created, the higher and the lower, the sacred and the profane, this and that. I believe in one organism.

Existence has not to be thought of in terms of a painter and his painting, because the moment the painting is finished, the painter and the painting become two separate entities. Existence has to be thought of only in terms of a dancer and his dance. You cannot separate them; the dancer and the dance are one. And at the highest peak of dancing, the dancer disappears into the dance - there is no dancer but only dance.

That is the experience of meditation: when you dissolve yourself into existence, when the dewdrop slips into the ocean and becomes the ocean. And vice versa is also true: the ocean slips into the dewdrop and becomes the dewdrop. They cannot be conceived of as two entities anymore.

So when I say God is not a presence, I mean he’s not anything outside you - neither a person nor a presence as conceived in the language of objectivity. When I say God is a presence, I simply mean he is the innermost core of your being - that silent core, that space where nobody else can enter you; that private, that absolutely intimate virgin space, your interiority, is God.

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