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Chapter 20: Tears of Gratitude

But it will happen again and again - but remember, it can only happen so don’t feel helpless. It is nothing to do with you. It is just the nature of the experience that it only happens, it cannot be managed to happen. You have simply to wait. You have to wait, you have to remain awake so that you don’t miss it when it comes again.

A poem of Rabindranath Tagore..

He was perhaps the only poet in this century who comes close, very close, to enlightenment. There are glimpses in his poems, in his words, which cannot be composed. And he never composed them.

Whenever he felt - just as a pregnant woman feels the presence of the child in the womb, a real, authentic poet feels himself pregnant with something that is beyond him - whenever he felt pregnant with a poem, he would close his doors, and inform the people of the house that he is not to be disturbed, whatever happens. Even if the house is burned down, he is not to be disturbed. Nobody should knock on his door.

And sometimes it would take two days, three days. He will not eat, he will not come out of the room.and he was madly writing something that was going on within him. He will figure out later what it is on, but first let it be transported to the world of language.

And once he was finished with it, you will be surprised, he would weep. Tears will come to him - although it was a relief and it was a joy that he had been able to bring a few fragments from the unknown. But he will cry, tears on his face, because it has finished too soon. To be in that state was such a beauty, such a benediction; he never wanted to come out of it. Only in this way have his poems been written.

One of his poems is that there is a big temple. It is so big that one hundred priests serve in the temple. There are hundreds of statues - and there are temples in India with hundreds of statues. In China there is a temple with ten thousand Buddha statues! Every statue needs to be worshipped: it is an all-day-long worship. Thousands of priests are worshipping ten thousand statues. And the worship has to be done according to certain rules and discipline.

This temple has one hundred priests; it was the most important temple in that part. One night, the chief priest dreamed that God was speaking to him: “I am coming tomorrow to your temple. You have been worshipping for centuries, generation after generation. It is time for a visit. So tomorrow, be ready; I will be coming sometime.”

He wakes up, but he is afraid to tell the other priests because they will laugh: “God has never come to any temple! We never heard that he comes to visit. It is just a dream.”

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