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Chapter 12: Live Now, Pray Later

It is in the treta that Hindus think Jainism, Buddhism - this type of religion - arose, because to them these religions are very destructive. They destroyed the belief in God; they destroyed their very foundation, they destroyed the belief in the Vedas as created by God. They started joking and laughing about the Vedas, criticizing, and started asking for proof. They started creating doubt. Doubt enters into humanity, faith disappears. And doubt, to the faithful, is one of the greatest diseases; it destroys his belief. So Jainas and Buddhists are called atheists by Hindus. They are not accepted as theists or religious people, no; they are the cause of the destruction of the religion. But still, although they denied God and they denied the Vedas, they valued immensely the qualities of truth, nonviolence, non-stealing, non-possessiveness. So things went down, but still there was something valuable.

Then that age also disappeared. Man fell still more. Then comes dwapar. Dwapar means the second. Dwa is exactly twa, two. The word has the same root. English has almost thirty percent of its roots in Sanskrit. It is a Sanskrit-oriented language; so is German, so is Swedish, so is French, so is Italian, so is Russian. All European languages have from thirty to seventy percent Sanskrit roots.

In dwapar, only two legs remained. Man became really sick. Now the table has lost two legs and on only two legs, how can you make it balanced? It became almost impossible to have balance. In dwapar man lives subconsciously. The conscious mind has disappeared; now he lives instinctively. He does not know why he is doing it, why this desire is in him, why a certain thing makes him happy or unhappy, but he goes on groping in the dark. But the dark is still not too thick; there is a little light, hence subconscious - a candlelight perhaps, in the dark night.

But most of it is covered with darkness - just a little light that you call your intelligence, rationality, but just a little light which can be gone within a second; just a blow of the wind and it is gone. Somebody hits you and your intelligence has gone, and you are behaving completely like an animal. Somebody steps on your feet - and that’s enough, your intelligence has gone, and you are holding the man by the neck to kill him. So your intelligence is just a flickering light, at the mercy of any accident; it can go.

And then comes the last, kali yuga - the age of darkness, in which we are living now. According to Hindus this is the most fallen stage. Man is absolutely unconscious, drunk, insane. There is no future; there will be more and more darkness. All the best has passed.

So old religions look toward the yesterdays. Those yesterdays were not there really, they never happened. They are projected on the screen of yesterdays by the human mind, because the human mind cannot live unless man feels something beautiful, ecstatic, blissful. How can he live? And he is so empty that he finds it easy to fill that emptiness with a long, beautiful past.

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