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Chapter 1: Flower Shower

This last line has to be understood very very carefully, because when somebody says that you are empty, immediately the ego can come back - because you will become aware, and you will feel something has been achieved. Suddenly the gods will make you aware that you are empty.

But Subhuti is rare, extraordinarily rare. Even though the gods shouted around him, whispered in his ears, and the flowers were showering on him like rain, he didn’t bother. He simply kept silent. They said, “You have spoken, you have given a discourse!” He listened without coming back. They said, “You have not spoken, we have not heard. This is true emptiness!” There was no ego saying, “The true happiness happened to me. Now I have become enlightened” - otherwise he would have missed at the last point. And immediately flowers would have stopped showering, if he had come back. No, he must have closed his eyes and he must have thought, “These gods are mad and these flowers are dreams - don’t bother.”

The emptiness was so beautiful that now nothing could be more beautiful than that. He simply remained in his sublime emptiness - that’s why blossoms showered upon Subhuti as rain. Now they were not falling a few here and a few there, now they were showering like rain.

This is the only story about Subhuti, nothing is said about him anymore. Nowhere is he mentioned again. But I tell you the flowers are still showering. Subhuti is no longer under any tree - because when one becomes really, totally empty, one dissolves into the universe.

But the universe still celebrates it. The flowers go on showering.

But you will be able to know them only when they shower for you. When God knocks at your door only then do you know that God is, never before. All arguments are futile, all discourses not to the point, unless God knocks at your door. Unless it happens to you, nothing can become a conviction.

I talk about Subhuti because this happened to me, and this is not a metaphor; it is literal. I had read about Subhuti before, but I thought, “It is a metaphor - beautiful, poetic.” I had never even a slight notion that this happens actually. I never thought that this was a realistic phenomenon, a real thing that happens.

But now I tell you it happens. It happened to me, it can happen to you.but a sublime emptiness is needed.

And never be confused. Don’t ever think that your negative emptiness can ever become sublime. Your negative emptiness is like darkness; sublime emptiness is like light, it is like a rising sun. Negative emptiness is like death. Sublime emptiness is like life, eternal life. It is blissful.

Allow that mood to penetrate you deeper and deeper. Go and sit under trees. Just sit, not doing anything. Everything stops! When you stop, everything stops. Time will not be moving, as if suddenly the world has come to a peak and there is no movement. But don’t bring in the idea, “Now I am empty,” otherwise you will miss. And even if gods start showering flowers on you, don’t pay much attention.