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Chapter 5: A Play with the Devil

But your unconscious, your dreaming mind is still out of the grabbing society. It will not be for long, remember. There are people who are working to grab your unconscious mind too. Particularly in Russia they have been experimenting for at least twenty years on how to influence your dreaming, sleeping mind, and they have succeeded. They have succeeded enough for you to be alert, to beware.

Now in Soviet Russia they have found that a person can be taught even while he is asleep and dreaming. Earphones are put on the person, and in a very, very silent way, so that his sleep is not disturbed, in a subliminal way, messages are given. He continues to sleep yet his mind goes on receiving messages. You can teach new languages, mathematics, history, philosophy, anything, and he will remember in the morning. In fact, it seems to work far better than ordinary schooling, because in ordinary schooling you have to go on repeating the same thing again and again; when it is repeated too much, only then does it go a little deeper. But when you are asleep the depth of your mind is available.

It is okay if you teach mathematics and science and history - but politicians cannot stop there. They will teach communism, fascism - it is bound to happen; they will teach Gandhism - it is bound to happen. They will teach Christianity, Hinduism, Islam - it is bound to happen. Once the politician has got the means to influence your sleeping mind he cannot leave you alone.

At least right now you are free to dream; soon the danger is that you will not even be free to dream. The government will go on influencing your dreams; it will allow you only to dream certain dreams, it will create dreams in you. In a communist country you cannot dream a capitalist dream - even in a dream you cannot have a car of your own, that won’t be allowed.

And if your unconscious becomes available to the politicians, man is utterly destroyed. It should not be allowed. This is far more dangerous than atomic bombs, because the atom and the hydrogen bomb can only destroy your body, but these new techniques of Behaviorist psychology can destroy you in your psychology. Right now at least you have some privacy. Politicians are not even willing to give you that much privacy; they want to interfere, they want to poke into your dreams. But up to now it has not happened much; they have succeeded in experimentation, but it has not yet been used on a wide scale.

You say, “While dreaming, something is constantly telling me that I have to die.” That is the voice of your inner being. It has nothing to do with your physical death, it has something to do with your psychological death. It has something to do with the death of the ego.

It happens to every meditator: the more you meditate, the more your inner voice says, “Let the ego die.” The more you meditate, the more you become aware that a certain death is going to happen. And you know only one kind of death, so naturally you misinterpret; you think, “I am going to die.” You are not going to die, only the “I,” the ego, the personality is going to die, is going to disappear. Your dream is giving you a very significant message.

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