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Chapter 9: To Know What Is

Now those caves look very unhygienic - how did they live there for years? No air goes in because there is no cross ventilation. So dark, dingy, and yogis have lived so perfectly and so healthily that it is almost a miracle. What were they doing there and how were they living there? According to the modern scientific ideology they should have died, or at the most they should have lived as very ill people, depressed, but yogis have never been depressed. They are one of the most vital people to come across, very alive. What were they doing? What was happening? They were creating orgone, and for orgone to stay in a particular place, cross ventilation is not needed; in fact cross ventilation will not allow the orgone to accumulate because once the air comes there, the orgone energy is a rider - it jumps on the air and moves out. No air passage is needed; then layers upon layers of orgone go on accumulating, and one can thrive on it and live on it.

Wilhelm Reich created small orgone boxes, and he helped many ill people. He would tell them just to lie down in the orgone box, and he would close the box and tell them to rest; and within an hour the person is out, feeling very, very vital, alive, tingling all over with energy. And many people have reported that their diseases disappeared after a few experimentations with the orgone.

The orgone box was so effective that, without knowing the laws of the country and without bothering about them, Wilhelm Reich started to produce them on a mass basis and he started selling them. Then he was caught by the Food and Drug Administration and he was asked to prove it. Now it is difficult to prove because the energy is not tangible; you cannot show it to anybody. It is an experience; and a very inner experience.

You don’t ask Albert Einstein to show electrons, but you can believe in him because you can go and see Nagasaki and Hiroshima. You can see the effect; you cannot see the cause. Nobody has yet seen the atom, but the atom is, because it can produce effects.

Buddha has defined truth as that which can produce effects. Buddha’s very definition of truth is very beautiful. Never again and never before has there been such a beautiful definition of truth: that which can produce effects. If it can produce effects it is true.

Nobody has seen the atom, but we have to believe it because of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. But nobody listened to Wilhelm Reich and his patients. There were many who were ready to certify, “We have been cured,” but this is how - once some attitude becomes generally accepted - people become blind. They said, “All these people are hypnotized. In the first place they must not have been ill, or they have imagined themselves cured, or it is nothing but suggestibility.” Now you cannot go and tell the people who have died in Hiroshima, “You have imagined that you are dead”; they have simply disappeared.

Just see the thing: death is more believable than life.

And the whole modern world is more death-oriented than life-oriented. If you kill a person you will be reported by all the newspapers; you will become a headline. But if you revive a person, nobody will ever come to know about it. If you murder, your name becomes a famous name, but if you give life to people, nobody is going to believe in you; they will say you are a charlatan or a deceiver.

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