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Chapter 34: Rocks, the Earth.They Are All Alive

And that’s the end of the journey in the lower depths of your mind. If this is completed, your consciousness will go on changing. With each new revelation your consciousness will become richer. And then a point comes - when you have traveled all the way down backwards, downwards - that you can move upwards from consciousness to superconsciousness until you reach to the cosmic consciousness. We are exactly in the middle. On both sides of the conscious there are three stages: below it are unconscious, collective unconscious and cosmic unconscious; above it are superconscious, super-superconscious, and cosmic conscious.

Our mind has seven worlds. To know the past, to know our background, is to know the whole history of consciousness and its evolution until this moment. But that makes it clear that this is not the last stage - it cannot be. If there is so much behind you, there must be something ahead of you. What Western psychology goes on trying is working only with one thing: unconsciousness, the first lower rung of the ladder. Eastern psychology has worked on all seven.

As you move from the conscious mind, hypnosis is the method. And hypnosis is not yet recognized by the scientists because they have not even tried it. It is very strange. Perhaps the reason is that science is a development of the West, and because the West has a Christian conditioning it simply denies that there is anything other than this life, so from the very beginning one is prejudiced - why bother about hypnosis?

A few people have dared and tried, but they were all condemned by the society - badly. Mesmer tried it, but was condemned, and there was a tradition of women who Christianity condemned as witches. They were trying hypnosis, and they were closer to the truth than Christianity has ever been. But thousands and thousands of witches were burned alive; their whole tradition was completely erased, all their literature was burned. Only one copy of each book has been preserved in the Vatican.

It is the duty of the UN to take over the library of the Vatican. It is underground; it has tremendous treasures that Christianity has destroyed. They are still afraid to bring those books out in the light because then the condemnation for Christianity will be immense, even from Christians: “What you were saying was not true, and what was truth was killed, burned.”

But they are keeping at least one copy in their vast library. Nobody is allowed to enter into that vast library; only when you become a cardinal are you allowed in the library, but by that time you are so conditioned.. Those books are written in a different way, particularly to avoid the attention of Christians. They have used parables, diagrams, and other things, as if they are not about religion, as if they are about something else.

It is the duty of all the intelligentsia of the world to insist to the Vatican: “That library does not belong to you. You have done enough harm; now at least give that library to the UN and let scholars find out what beautiful literature you have destroyed. It should be published and made available to anybody who wants it.”

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