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Chapter 7: Thanks for the Compliment!

Sooner or later, when you become more accustomed, when you start seeing the paradox, I will not say to you that they are two aspects, two sides of one coin. The negative is the positive and the positive is the negative. Life and death are not two sides of one coin - life is death. But that will be a little more difficult to accept, although the truth is so. The day you were born you started dying. The process may be completed in seventy years, that is another thing - that it takes time - but time matters not. The day you were born you started dying - immediately. It is not the other side of the coin, it is the same side of the coin. Life is death, and day is night, and love is hate, and friendship is enmity. Then it becomes more difficult.

But if I look at your difficulty, then I cannot take you into the world of truth. I have to persuade you slowly, slowly so first I say, “These are two aspects of the same coin.” The day I feel that now you are ready to accept the paradox without questioning I will say, “Life is death.” I will not say that God and the Devil are two aspects of one energy, I will say God is the Devil - two names of the same energy, not two aspects.

You say, “A lot of it I can accept now as two sides of one coin.” That is not understanding, just acceptance. Listening to me again and again you start figuring out that it must be that each phenomenon has two sides. It is not a question of sides. And each phenomenon has many dimensions, not only two sides.

“But today,” you say, “after lecture some questions still arose. On the one side you say the good and the bad are two sides of the same coin and both have to be and the one can’t be without the other. On the other side you want to create a better world with your sannyasins.”

Certainly! A better world will be a world where good and bad are absolutely accepted and absorbed. I don’t mean by using the word better that it will be a good world against the bad. My concept of a better world is a world which will be multidimensional, a world which will accept the earth and the sky so totally that the sky is not higher and the earth is not lower, which will accept the body and the soul so wholly that there is no question of who should be the master.

I have said to you many times, “Let consciousness be the master of the body and mind.” That is just to persuade you towards a quantum leap. I know you cannot take that leap immediately; you will have to be seduced into it.

The better world will be where the duality of body and spirit is dissolved: the body becomes the manifest spirit and the spirit becomes the unmanifest body, they are both one. How can one of these two be the master? The very idea of twoness is wrong, so there cannot be anybody who is the master and anybody else who is the slave. You are one entity.

I talk to you in terms of, “from sex to superconsciousness” because you cannot understand right now unless some hierarchy is brought to you. “From sex to superconsciousness” - even that becomes very difficult for rotten, old minds, orthodox, conventional people to understand why I say “from sex to superconsciousness.” But please don’t tell others: sex is superconsciousness! Not “from sex to superconsciousness,” but sex is superconsciousness. There is no higher, no lower, there is no “from” and no “to”; there is no journey, you are already there as you are. But to assert such pregnant truths I have to prepare you.

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