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Chapter 3: The Last Morning Star

One day the lotus of the divine will blossom in the mud of your body. It is a paradox. The lotus of love blossoms in the mud of lust. It is a paradox. When I first said to people that it is from sex that one rises to superconsciousness.. People are still angry with me, they say it is not right to say such a thing. All I am saying is that the lotus blossoms in the mud, nothing else. I am bringing the symbol of the lotus and the mud to a human level. And if the lotus does not blossom in the mud, then there is no hope for you. Then your lotus can never blossom - because you are nothing but mud. No one is anything but mud. But the lotus blossoms in this mud.

What has really happened when a buddha becomes enlightened? The lotus has blossomed in the mud. Right now you are mud and Buddha has become a lotus. To day, the difference is obvious, but when your lotus blossoms tomorrow you too will become like Buddha. And once Buddha was mud, just like you are.

When I say that sex becomes superconsciousness, that the mud becomes a lotus, that the passions become the divine, I am simply stating that the paradox happens. It is not logical. If the logicians had been consulted as to whether the lotus would be able to blossom in the mud, they would have said that it was impossible. How could it? The lotus and the mud have nothing in common. If you didn’t know that a lotus grows in the mud, if you were born in a country where there are no lotuses, and one day a heap of mud was placed on one side of you and a bunch of lotuses on the other side, would you even be able to imagine that this mud has become lotuses? Impossible! It is totally illogical, paradoxical.

The state of the sadhus when immersed in love
Is indescribable.
They cry while they sing and they laugh,
This is very paradoxical, says Daya.

The state of the sadhus when immersed in love.. The sadhjan who have become immersed in love.. This word sadh, is very charming. It has become corrupted. If you look it up in a dictionary, you will find that it means a monk, an ascetic. But the correct meaning is: simple, plain. It means a man who is so plain, so simple that his life is free of the web of the intellect, of the web of logic. The intellect is very crooked, very cunning. It is deceitful. It does one thing but shows something else on the surface. What is happening on the inside is different from what it does on the outside. The intellect is a hypocrite.

The one who has become free of the hypocrisy of the intellect is a sadhu, a sadhjan. He is the same on the outside as on the inside. He is one in whom there is no disparity between the outside and the inside. What he is, he says; what he says, he is. You can taste him in any place, and he will always taste the same.

Buddha has said that a sadhu is like the ocean; it is always salty wherever you drink it, whenever you drink it. It makes no difference whether you drink it in the day or at night, in the morning or in the evening, in the darkness or in the light, on this shore or that shore. A sadhu is like the ocean; he always tastes the same.

The cunning person has many different tastes. The cunning person wears many masks to hide his face. He puts on his masks according to the needs of the time.

A sadhu is one who has revealed his face. He looks as he is.

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