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Chapter 4: From Sex to Superconsciousness

The first question:

The Navabharat Times of October 13th carried a news item from Surat, Gujarat, according, to which the prime minister, Morarji Desai, said that he had read the book From Sex to Superconsciousness by Acharya Rajneesh and found it indecent and distasteful. He also objected to you being called Bhagwan. Osho, would you please comment on it?

Anand Maitreya, sex is a natural phenomenon, as natural as a roseflower, or dewdrops on the grass leaves in the early morning. And it is the most beautiful phenomenon too, as beautiful as the calling of a cuckoo, as beautiful as the stars in the sky. But down the ages it has been condemned.

Condemning sex has been one of the most important strategies to dominate man. The moment you condemn sex you have condemned life itself. Life arises out of sex; life is an expression of sex. If you can find God anywhere, utterly present, it is the moment of sexual orgasm. But to condemn sex is a great strategy. Through it you condemn man indirectly; you poison his very source of being. And then he feels guilty, a sinner, worthless; and then it is easy to dominate him, it is easy to manipulate him, it is easy to exploit him - and that’s what the politicians and the priests have been doing.

They don’t want you to have freedom, they don’t want you to enjoy life, because the man who is blissful is rebellious. The man who is enjoying his life cannot be easily dominated - it is very difficult to dominate him - and cannot easily be deceived, because he has clarity.

Shree Morarji Desai is a very repressed person as far as sex is concerned. Now, this seems very strange. My discourses have been collected in two hundred books, books on Vedanta, books on Tao, books on Yoga, books on Sufism, books on the Upanishads, books on the Geeta, the Bible, the Tao Te Ching, but he has been reading only one book - From Sex To Superconsciousness. An eighty-three-year-old man, has remained celibate for almost fifty years, why should he be interested in the book From Sex To Superconsciousness? Certainly he is not interested in superconsciousness, because I have written two hundred books on superconsciousness. His interest seems to be sex. That’s how it happens.

I have read his autobiography. In his autobiography he remembers that when young he went to see the Mother of Shree Aurobindo Ashram. She was a beautiful woman. Before she came to Shree Aurobindo, she was an actress; she had grace and a charisma of her own. And she was moving deeply into spirituality. But what did Morarji Desai see in her? What he saw shows much about him, not about the Mother.

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