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Chapter 3: A Call from the Unknown

In the world, the madman and the sane man don’t have any qualitative difference - just a little quantitative difference. The madman has gone into the darkness of the unconscious just a step more than you, two steps more than you, but there is no other difference.

So it is good to be afraid. When you are full of thoughts, too many thoughts, you are very close to madness. But when you are silent then there is no need to be fearful. You are very close to real sanity - just a step more and you will be touching the world of superconsciousness. And once you have experienced, tasted, just a little bit of superconsciousness, then you cannot remain satisfied with that. It will create more and more thirst for more and more consciousness. It will be complete only when you have reached the cosmic consciousness, beyond which there is nothing. From there you can have a journey backwards through the unconscious.

This is where Western psychology and psychoanalysts are wrong. I cannot agree with them. They are telling people to enter directly into the unconscious, to bring out dreams from the unconscious. Unknowingly they are playing with fire.

And this you can see: in the West more people go mad than in the East, more people commit suicide than in the East, more people are in anxiety and anguish than in the East. It should be just the opposite, because the West has everything and the East has nothing except poverty, starvation, disease, death. But even amongst disease, death, poverty, starvation, there seems to be a contentment, a relaxed state.

The West has everything but there seems to be such tension that thousands decide to die for the simple reason that at least they will get rid of all these tensions of life. And the most talented people, the geniuses, are more vulnerable. Almost every genius in the West has visited the insane asylum once in a while. And most of them have gone through psychoanalysis just to remain normal. Even to remain normal has become a goal.

To talk about enlightenment is to talk about reaching to the stars; even to be normal has become so difficult. People are slipping down below the normal state of mind. They want just to remain normal. And psychoanalysis at the most can help you over years of time just to be normal, not more than that. And that is not a guarantee that you will remain normal; any small accident and you can slip back.

Even your psychoanalyst is not normal. He goes to another psychoanalyst to keep him normal. All the psychoanalysts keep going to be analyzed by other psychoanalysts so they can remain normal.

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