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Chapter 4: How Coarse!

One day when Rinzai and Pu’hua were both attending a dinner at a patron’s house, Rinzai asked: “A hair swallows up the great sea, and a mustard seed contains Mount Sumeru. Is this the marvelous activity of supernatural power or original substance as it is?” Pu’hua kicked over the dinner table.
“How coarse!” exclaimed the master.
Pu’hua retorted, “What place do you think this is - talking about coarse and fine!”

The next day Rinzai and Pu’hua again attended a dinner. The master asked, “How does today’s feast compare with yesterday’s?”
Pu’hua kicked over the dinner table as before. “Good enough,” said Rinzai, “but how coarse!”
Pu’hua commented, “Blind man! What has buddha-dharma got to do with coarse and fine?” Rinzai stuck out his tongue.

Maneesha, before I discuss this small and yet significant anecdote about Rinzai, I have to introduce to the Museum of Gods a gift from Rafia.

For a few months there has been a very strange tension arising in American traffic, because so many cars are on the road that you can walk home faster than you can take your car. For three hours, four hours, five hours people are simply stuck. Naturally, there is a limit to patience, and a few people started bringing their guns.

In San Francisco and LA six persons were shot for no reason, but just because after honking for five hours and not being able to move one inch, they became so angry - and anger is inside everybody, just it needs a certain time to surface - that they shot people who were absolutely unknown to them. These people were not blocking the way, they were not the cause; they also were blocked. Nobody knew where the flow of the traffic had been stopped or what had happened - whether it was an accident or a truck had turned over.

Seeing this situation, that six people have been killed within a week, other car owners started purchasing guns, because it is getting very dangerous; at least in self-defense, even if you are not going to kill somebody, you can show your gun.

But the situation was becoming worse because in America you don’t need any license for guns. They are freely available in the market. The license is needed for the seller, the shopkeeper, not by the owner of the gun. It is absolutely stupid to give people weapons that are dangerous to life, but the constitution of America allows it.

It was allowed in the beginning, but now it has become a solid tradition. The constitution allowed guns to people to kill Red Indians. Red Indians were killed just like animals - hunted, chased deep into the forest or into the mountains. Now America belongs to non-Americans, the whole of America, and strangely enough the American constitution talks about freedom, about freedom of speech and individuality, and they themselves are holding onto somebody else’s land.

It seems that the whole world is blind.

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