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Chapter 20: On the Blissful Islands

Zarathustra is right: Don’t any longer call that distant vision God. That word has done enough harm. Let us say the superman - because superman is your growth. God is absolutely unrelated to you; superman is your heights, your depths, superman is your spring.

Superman is absolutely rooted in man, it will grow out of man. Hence, superman is not a hypothesis, it is a tremendously significant vision of man’s growth, a challenge for a pilgrimage. Move out of your smallness, move out of your meanness, move out of your hate, of your jealousies; and you will find yourself turning into a superman. Superman is nothing but you, refined, purified, fulfilled, using your intelligence in its totality.

Zarathustra is not talking a new theology. He is talking about the science of man.

God is a supposition; but I want your supposing to reach no further than your creating will.

Drop all such suppositions. A supposed God is a false God.

I am reminded.. In my school days in the arithmetic class, all the problems in arithmetic are “suppose..” The very first day I came into conflict with the teacher. I said, “Why should I suppose?”

He looked at me and said, “I have taught thousands of students, and I am just going to be retired; nobody has ever said, ‘Why should I suppose?’ This is arithmetic.”

I said, “Whatever it is, the question remains: you are asking me to suppose something, but why should I suppose - unnecessarily creating a problem - and then I have to solve it! I withdraw myself from the very beginning. I don’t suppose!”

He said, “Then you cannot learn arithmetic.”

I said, “Most probably I will never need mathematics. Talk something of reality.supposition? Everything is supposition.” But the whole of theology is just a supposition - arithmetic is more honest, they use the word suppose. Theology is more dishonest. It does not say, “Suppose there is a God”; it says, “There is a God.”

Zarathustra says, “Your supposition should not go further than your creating will.” You have forgotten that you can create, that you have a will. Find it out, bring it forth, make it a reality. To you it may appear a supposition in the beginning, but to me it is a reality.

That’s why he is saying,

I want your supposing to reach no further than your creating will.

That’s enough. The work of your supposing is finished.

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