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Chapter 3: Either Experience or Just Go Home

On one occasion Rinzai said, “Followers of the way, you seize upon words from the mouths of old masters and take them to be the true way, saying, ‘These good masters are wonderful, and I, simple-minded fellow that I am, don’t dare measure such old worthies.’
“Blind idiots!” commented Rinzai. “You go through your entire life holding such views, betraying your own two eyes. It is only the great master who dares to disparage the buddhas and patriarchs. From olden days our predecessors never had people anywhere who believed in them. Only when they had been driven out did their worth become recognized. If they had been completely accepted by people everywhere, what would they have been good for? Therefore it is said, ‘The lion’s one roar splits the jackals’ skulls.’”

Maneesha, there are a few essential things which make Zen absolutely different from any religion, any sect, any kind of discipline, teaching. The most important of these essentials is that Zen is a revolution. All other religions are servants to the vested interests.

The rich people and the powerful people, the politicians, have dominated all the religions. The priests have been nothing but servants to these criminals. It is such a worldwide conspiracy that no one recognizes it. It is so obvious and so simple that we are from the very beginning, from our very childhood, being programmed.

This programming is done with all the good intentions in the world. The parents love you, but their love is as unconscious as they are. The parents want you to follow the same path as they and their forefathers have followed. Neither have they come to know the truth, nor have their forefathers. They just go on teaching old words to the small children, who are absolutely in a helpless situation.

The children cannot prevent them. Firstly, they are dependent on the parents for food, for clothing - for their whole livelihood. And secondly, they do not know what is being done to them. Taking them to the temples, to the mosques, to the churches, to the synagogues.they feel happy. They don’t know that they are being enslaved in a very subtle way. They rejoice because all their parents, their neighborhood, their society rejoices. They don’t even question what is being put into their minds. They had come with a clean slate, but every moment something is being written on the clean slate.

The universities are slaves, the colleges are slaves - because they depend for their existence on the government money. So the politicians dominate..

Just now, because Ronald Reagan is against Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.Being a fundamentalist, fascist Christian, he can only see that the world was created - that is the Christian standpoint - that the world was created in its wholeness, there is no question of evolution. But Charles Darwin’s tremendous inquiries show that there is evolution; the world was not created as complete, it is always incomplete and evolving. It is none of the business of any government to prevent new ideas from being placed before the students.

Now Ronald Reagan is trying to ban Charles Darwin from America. His book on evolution has been banned from the libraries, from the universities. Now even to use his name is a crime.

Galileo for the first time wrote in his book that the old idea of the sun moving around the earth is only supposition; it is not the truth, it only appears so. The truth is just the contrary: the earth moves around the sun.

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