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Chapter 3: About Your Wilder Being

Performing samyama on their power of cognition,
real nature, egoism, all-pervasiveness, and functions
brings mastery over the sense organs.

From this follows instantaneous cognition
without the use of the body,
and complete mastery over pradhana, the material world.

Only after the awareness of the distinction
between sattva and purusha
does supremacy and knowledge arise
over all states of existence.

Patanjali’s skill in expressing the inexpressible is superb. Nobody has ever been able to surpass him. He has mapped the inner world of consciousness as accurately as it is possible; he has almost done the impossible job.

I have heard one story about Ramakrishna:

One day he said to his disciples, “I will tell you everything today and will not keep anything secret.”

He described clearly the centers and the corresponding experiences up to the heart and throat, and then pointing to the spot between the eyebrows he said, “The supreme self is directly known and the individual experiences samadhi when the mind comes here. There remains then but a thin transparent screen separating the supreme self and the individual self. The sadhak then experiences..”

Saying this, the moment he started to describe in detail the realization of supreme self, he was plunged in samadhi and became unconscious. When the samadhi came to an end and he came back, he tried again to describe it and was again in samadhi; again he became unconscious.

After repeated attempts Ramakrishna broke into tears, started crying, and told his disciples that it is impossible to speak about it.

But Ramakrishna has tried, has tried in many ways, from different directions, and this always happened, his whole life. Whenever he will come beyond the third-eye center and will be coming nearer sahasrar, he will be caught hold of by something inner, so deeply that the very remembrance of it, the very effort to describe it, and he is gone. For hours he will remain unconscious. It’s natural because the bliss of sahasrar is such, one is almost overpowered by it. The bliss is so oceanic that one is possessed by it and taken over. One is no longer oneself, once you transcend the third eye.

Ramakrishna tried and failed; could not describe it. Many others have not even tried. Lao Tzu for his whole life resisted.not to say anything about the world of Tao because of this. Nothing can be said about it, and the moment you try to say it, you are plunged into an inner whirlwind, whirlpool. You are lost, drowned. You are bathed in such beauty and beautitude that you cannot utter a single word.

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