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Chapter 13: In - The Only Way Out

When people don’t like a particular doctor they say, “The patient’s disease is not going to end until the patient dies.” It may not be true there, but it is true about religion: the disease will not end till the patient dies, because the disease and the patient are two names of the same phenomenon. The disease will only end when you die because you are the disease. The whole search of all the religions may differ in their details but their essence is the same, and that is: How can the individual disappear so that the whole may take his place? - because only then is there supreme bliss. How can there be unhappiness if you are not there? The more strongly you are, the deeper is your suffering.

Understand this thoroughly - that suffering, happiness and bliss, everything is nature. If you are fighting, you receive suffering from nature. Not that nature gives you suffering; the suffering comes from your very fighting, suffering is the shadow of your fight. Like the gravitation of the earth.you may feel nothing of the pull of gravity when you are walking along, but if you are drunk, if you walk haphazardly, you will fall down and you may break your leg. This breaking of the leg is happening because of gravitation, the pull of the earth. All the time the earth is pulling you; whether you are bending over, horizontal or standing erect, it is pulling. Its pull has no concern with you. If you lean too much, fall down and hurt your leg, you will suffer, but you cannot say that it is the gravity which broke your leg or caused your suffering.

Gravitation is a law; it is how things are. In just the same way, if you try to walk through a wall you are going to get your head broken. Can you say that the wall broke your head? Often, this is exactly what people do say. But it is you who broke your head, the wall was simply standing there; if you had avoided walking into the wall, the wall would not have walked over to hurt your head. Walk through a doorway and your head will not get broken! Walk through a wall and your head will be broken.

Anyone taking on the idea of fighting against nature will get his head broken and cause himself to be unhappy. The one who offers nature no fight, who has let go, is walking through the doorway and will not get his head broken. He will even forget that he is. In him there is no conflict, and actually no surrender either, because even in surrender one still feels, “I am.” No, neither is there willpower nor surrender; neither am I fighting nor am I giving up the fight - because how can I fight or give up when I am not there? Thus happens the supreme bliss. It is showering even now. The door is open, but you are so busy fighting with the wall. You behave as though it is a law of nature to fight the wall! And mostly people are following this very law - of fighting with the wall.

Have you ever noticed what happens to a bird when it flies into your room through the window? It tries so desperately to get out, it flies and bumps into each and every wall except where the window is through which it entered. Now this is very interesting: what might this bird’s logic be? One thing is that if it has come in through the window, then the window is its way out. The way in is the way out, there is not going to be some other way. This too is certain, that if you could come in you will be able to go out. But one needs to know how one came in..

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