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Chapter 3: Our Responsibility Is Tremendous

Emperor Shukuso asked Chu Kokushi, “What is the ten-bodied herdsman?”
Kokushi replied, “Go and trample on Vairocana’s head!”
The emperor said, “I cannot follow you.”
Kokushi said, “Don’t take the self for the pure dharma body.”

A monk once asked Kokushi, “What is the true body of the Dharmakaya Buddha?”
“Fetch me the water bottle,” responded Kokushi.
When the monk brought it to him, Kokushi said, “Put it back where it was.” The monk, having done what he was asked to do, repeated his former question.
Kokushi said, “Alas! The old Buddha has long gone!”


Nani Palkhiwala, one of India’s foremost taxation experts, is reported to have said that in forty-two years of independence, India has not gained anything, but it has at least saved its democracy.

With great respect to Nani Palkhiwala - he is a man of intelligence and courage - I want to disagree with him on both the points.

In the first place, in the forty-two years of independence, India has defeated the whole world as far as population is concerned. When it became independent in 1947, its population was only four hundred million. Now its population is more than nine hundred million, and by the end of the this century it will go beyond one billion. For the first time in the whole history of mankind, India will be the greatest nation in the world. Up to now China has been the most populated country. In this great productivity India has been victorious.

And, Nani Palkhiwala, you say India has not done anything? It has produced just like rats!

I have heard.a man was reading a newspaper in which it was said that amongst every five people there is one Chinaman. His wife heard it, and she said, “My God! That means now no more children, because four I have already produced, and I don’t want any Chinaman among my children.”

This is no longer true. Amongst five people in the world, one is an Indian.

This explosion of population is not a small achievement. It has doubled India’s poverty; it is more poor than ever.

And, Nani Palkhiwala, you say India has done nothing in these forty-two years? It has topped the whole world.

Secondly, just after the hanging of an innocent poor man, Kehar Singh, without any evidence at all, you still say India has saved its democracy? When justice dies, democracy cannot live.

You must be fully aware of the fact that the government has created a separate law in the name of national security, which is not under the common law of the country. You can be simply put in jail forever; there is no appeal, there is no court.. From the lowest court to the Supreme Court, you cannot do anything; it is beyond law. And whenever, in any country, something like this exists, you cannot call that country democratic.

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