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Chapter 5: Forfeiting Duality

And the matter didn’t end there. The matter would become even more astonishing when he started coming down from the jump. The earth pulls falling things down with tremendous force, and they gain great speeds, up to six thousand miles a minute. When you see shooting stars in the night.

And by the way, no star is shooting; stars are very big things. If they were “falling” we would have fallen apart long ago. No, no star falls. When the earth separated from the sun and the moon was formed out of the earth, in those volatile times, many smaller objects called meteorites also formed that are now scattered around the earth and revolve around it. Whenever a meteorite falls within the earth’s gravitational sphere - which is two hundred miles around it - the earth pulls it with tremendous force. The falling meteorite goes on gaining speed, up to six thousand miles a minute, and because of the great friction that is generated between the meteorite and the atmosphere, the meteorite turns into a glowing fire. It is not a star; it is burning matter called a meteorite.

So when Nijinsky came down from his leap, he would come floating down like the feather of a bird - in no hurry. This was an even bigger surprise, his coming down was a bigger surprise because it defied the gravitational law of the earth completely.

People used to ask Nijinsky how he managed this. Nijinsky would say, “Don’t ask how I do it. Whenever I try to do it, it never happens. I tried this at home and it never happens; I have tried this on stage too and it never happens. When I am tired of trying and forget all about it, then one day, suddenly, I find it has happened. But this happens when I am not, when my effort is not there, when I am not trying, when I am not making an endeavor, when my desire is not there, when my lust is not there. This is as much a mystery to me as it is to you. When I have disappeared, then this phenomenon takes place.”

This is also the experience of great painters. Only when they disappear do their hands turn into the hands of existence. This is also the experience of great musicians. When they are no more there, some other power, some supreme power, starts arranging the music on their instrument.

So if you are a musician and you love music, don’t worry about awareness. Worry about drowning into the music so that only music remains and you are not. You will reach exactly the same place where those who practiced supreme awareness have reached. There, too, the same thing is being done: one has to forget oneself in supreme awareness. In the beginning the person is there. The abc of awareness is initiated by the person, but the final alphabet is not written by the person. It is written by the hands of the impersonal that resides within us all - the formless that is within us all.

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