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Chapter 15: AIDS: No Ordinary Disease

I simply mentioned it because the world is divided into fanatic religious groups. The world is divided also into political groups. They all have their vested interests, and their vested interest is in this kind of society where AIDS is absolutely bound to happen.

So I don’t see that anything can succeed against so many vested interests and so many powerful people - religious, political. But I am doing my best. I am creating communes in every place, in every country. They are trying that these communes should not be created, and they are doing the same here.

We have not done any harm to anybody. In four years we have changed a desert into a beautiful oasis. There was only one house when we had come here, now there are houses for five thousand people with all the latest facilities - a fully air-conditioned city. No illegality has happened in four years: nobody has been fighting, nobody has been killed, nobody has committed suicide, nobody has raped anybody, there is not a single prostitute - and your government is declaring this city illegal. If this city is illegal, then no city can be legal.

The city that you built, is it complete now, or what is the next step or stage of its development?

We don’t plan ahead, we go spontaneously. Right now it is under litigation, so nothing can happen. Once the litigation is over - and it has to be over; we are going to win, because we still believe in the constitution of America. We don’t believe in Americans but we believe in the constitution.

What does that mean?

That means the constitution is certainly going to protect us. We have done nothing against the constitution, and your politicians have done everything against the constitution. So we have every certainly of winning in the Supreme Court, and we will fight to the very end. Our defeat will be the defeat of the American constitution, American democracy, the American idea of freedom, individuality. So if that is going to be the case, then it is okay.

Could you explain to me: clearly your goal in winning this litigation is far more than air-conditioned houses, and what you’ve achieved here now. There is more inside. Your goal is beyond this, and that’s what I would.

There is no goal.

[some talking between the interviewer and the crew]

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