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Chapter 6: To Be or Not to Be

The same has happened to Jainism, to Islam, and it has happened more to Hinduism. Hindus have a very quarreling spirit, very quarrelsome. I don’t think any country has such a quarreling spirit. The reason is that Hindus don’t fight physically so their whole fight becomes intellectual; it has to find some way. Now Hindus have so many sects, sub-sects and sub-sub-sects that it is almost too difficult to know how many Hindu religions there are. There are so many, almost unbelievable. And this is not only so about religion; it is so about everything that Hindus have done.

India has never been a nation because the Hindu mind is continuously quarreling and fighting. In Buddha’s time there were two thousand Indias, not one India, because two thousand kingdoms existed - just small kingdoms, with each kingdom trying to be the suprememost. And the disease has gone so deep into the Hindu blood that in every sphere, even in politics, it is the same. Now there are so many Congress Parties.not only are there so many Congress Parties - that can be understood - there are so many Communist Parties in India that you will not believe it. Nowhere in the world are there so many Communist Parties. Even the Communist Party - which is an absolutely non-Indian phenomenon, which is anti-religious, atheistic - even the Communist Party is not one in India. There are many Communist Parties quarreling, continuously quarreling. The old Hindu spirit cannot leave you so easily. You may become a communist, but basically you will go on doing your old tricks.

But the whole thing happens because of personality: “My ego has to be supreme.”

In India there are so many jagatgurus. Jagatguru means World Teacher. Now without asking the world, how can you be the World Teacher? And there are so many World Teachers! There can be only one World Teacher; one is enough because there is only one world. I came across so many World Teachers while traveling that I was surprised: in one world so many World Teachers?

In one village they brought a man and they said, He is a world teacher, jagatguru.

I asked him, “How many followers have you got?”

He looked a little embarrassed. The man who had brought him said, “His philosophy is so abstruse, so difficult to understand, that I am his only disciple.”

I said, “Don’t feel embarrassed. You do one thing. Jagatguru means the World Teacher; jagat means the world. guru means the teacher. So you change your name: simply make your name Jagat, the world. And he is your guru - Jagatguru, the World Teacher - so the problem is solved! Then you need not feel embarrassed - he is the guru of Jagat!”

Personality is always dependent on others. Because it is dependent on others it is a prisoner, and because it is dependent on others it has to be stubborn. Otherwise others will make you an absolute slave; they will reduce you to the status of a thing. You have to be stubborn, you have to fight, you have to struggle for your survival.

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