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Chapter 5: My Skin and Bone Are Turned to Gold

But the Jews were afraid: they thought that he was trying to conquer this world. And the Romans were afraid. They were afraid because it was thought that he was the king of men - the king is born. When the king of the Romans heard that a child was going to be born who would become the king of men, he became so afraid that he ordered a massacre: to kill all the children below the age of two years. When the three wise men of the East reached the capital in search of the child Jesus, the king heard of it. He invited them to the palace, and he asked them what they had come for. They said they were looking for the king who had been born in his country: “You should be happy that a king is born in your country, and the greatest king will walk on your earth.”

But the king was very afraid because he thought, “How can there exist two kings in one country? - then I will be dethroned.” But he played the diplomat. He said to the wise men, “I am very happy, so if you succeed in finding him please come and inform me.”

But he was planning to kill the boy, and the three wise men understood it because they could see in his eyes. He was a cunning man. Politicians are cunning.

After they had met Jesus and worshipped Jesus, they had to find another route because they were afraid that the king would be waiting, and they didn’t want to become a part of this catastrophe. They didn’t want to become a part of killing and murdering Jesus.

So they had to travel very far. They had to go on a long journey because the shortcut was the one they had come by. And they were very old men, but still they took a very long route through deserts and mountains to reach back to their country. They didn’t want to go back by the same route because it would pass through the capital, and the king would be waiting.

Jesus was crucified because of his terminology, but he was talking about the inner kingdom. He was not talking about the kingdom of the outside, and he was not talking about the treasures that you know, but the treasures of the unknown.

As far as the outside world is concerned, all treasures are just false.

I have heard a beautiful anecdote:

A man walking along a city street fell through an open sewer hole and broke his leg. He engaged a famous attorney, brought suit against the city for ten thousand dollars, and won the case. The city appealed the decision right up to the Supreme Court, but again the lawyer won the decision. After the claim was settled, the lawyer sent for his client and handed him a dollar bill.

“What is this?” inquired the man, looking at the dollar.

“That’s your damages after deducting my fee, the cost of appeals and other expenses,” replied the attorney.

Out of ten thousand dollars, only one dollar!

The man looked at the dollar again, turned it over and scanned it carefully. “What is the matter with this dollar?” he said. “Is it counterfeit?”

But all money outside is counterfeit: all dollars are counterfeit, all rupees are counterfeit. The real money does not exist that way; the real money does not exist outside. This conversion from the counterfeit to the real is what Bauls call the birth of the novel man.

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