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Chapter 4: This You Call Civilization?

Not only did they have big roads, they had huge buildings. Now only ruins are there, but the ruins show great stories. Such huge bedrooms! They had public swimming pools, they had a water system, a very strange water system, to connect every house with pipelines. Every house had a bathroom, a toilet - and you think Christianity has civilized the world?

Just one hundred years ago, in the American Supreme Court, there was a case against a man who had just come from Europe and had found that in Paris people had bathrooms attached to their bedrooms, so he had made the first bathroom attached to his bedroom. The whole of Christianity was against him, and there were great protests: “This is absolutely dirty, to have a bathroom attached to the bedroom. Bathrooms, toilets, have to be far away, at the back of the house.” And the man had to fight up to the Supreme Court to win the case, just one hundred years ago!

Seven thousand years ago in Harappa and Mohanjo Daro, they had attached bathrooms, toilets, to their bedrooms. They had a water system making water available to every house, every bathroom, making water available to public swimming pools. And there were private swimming pools also in very big houses, which were certainly of rich people, kings and queens.

And seven thousand years is the minimum. The likelihood is that they are more ancient than seven thousand years, because there is no mention in Hindu scriptures about Harappa and Mohanjo Daro. Such huge cities, and no mention of those cities? - and the Rigveda, the most ancient book, is, with valid evidence, ninety thousand years old. Even the Rigveda does not mention those cities. Perhaps those cities are more ancient than Rigveda, perhaps they disappeared in a catastrophe, natural or man-made, before the Aryans came to India!

Those cities did not belong to the Aryans, because not a single statue of Hindu gods has been found there. Yes, one statue has been found which proves that Jainism must have been prevalent in those cities. One statue only has been found of a naked Mahavira. But nobody can say whether it is Mahavira, or any one of the twenty-three other tirthankaras of the Jainas.

That statue proves that before the Aryans came to India, there was flourishing a great civilization. And that also proves that Jainism is far more ancient than Hinduism, because no Hindu temple has been found, no Hindu statue of Shiva, or Vishnu, or Brahma - nothing.

And you will not believe it, but these two cities went through seven periods of destruction. It is now just guesswork what happened to these cities. When they first excavated, they thought that this was all, a great city. But Marshall was interested to dig more, because he suspected that such a big city could not have come into existence from nowhere; there must have been other big cities.

So he started digging outside Harappa and Mohanjo Daro, and he was surprised: there was another layer of thick mud - perhaps from volcanic eruptions - and under that mud another similar kind of city, with the same facilities.

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