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Chapter 8: No One Is Insignificant

And then the police said, “It is a police case. We will arrest this man and bring him to the court.”

This was all strategy. You can see how politicians work - cunningly, inhumanely. They prevented us from putting a case against the man. They said, “There is no need. Ten thousand witnesses, his words are recorded, even the sound of the falling knife is recorded, and twenty police officers of high rank are witnesses - you need not be worried. It is going to be a police case. We will take him and produce him in the court.”

They took him away, presented him before the court, and the court released him, saying, “Such a thing has not happened at all.” And because we had not put any case against him, then it was too late. The police managed it in such a way that they did not insist that the case happened.

But I have been thinking about it: in such a crowded place even if a blind man throws a knife it is going to hit somebody. The knife behaved exactly like the rock and the elephant. It was a police conspiracy and you can see the justice. When twenty police officers are present, when ten thousand people are ready to be witnesses; the knife is there, his shout is recorded, the sound of the knife falling on the floor is recorded.

And what was the judge’s reason to reject the case? The reason was, “If it was an attempt on Osho’s life then why have they not brought the case? Why have they not reported the case to the police? And secondly, if a man was trying to murder Osho, those ten thousand sannyasins would not have let him go so easily.” And we had not done anything because the police had prevented us, saying, “There is no need.”

Still, one of the most important criminal advocates of the supreme court of India, Ram Jethmalani was there - we had asked him to be present. He wanted to say something; the judge said, “You cannot speak, it is not your case.” And certainly it was not our case. But I have seen things which make me certain that what appears to be a miracle is not a miracle. I am absolutely certain that I was poisoned in Oklahoma with a certain metallic poison, thallium, but it has not been able to kill me.

They put a bomb under my chair in the jail in Portland while I was at the court; they were expecting me to come any moment. I came, and the man there indicated to me to sit on a particular chair. That was also strange, because there were many chairs, I could have sat on any chair. And he immediately locked the door from outside and said, “I will be coming within fifteen minutes.” I had no idea that I was sitting on a bomb! But something went wrong; the bomb did not explode.

If millions of people are full of love and meditation there is no need to feel desperate or helpless. You are given by nature tremendous power which can nullify any nuclear weapons.

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