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Chapter 1: The Opium of the People

In that silence arises authentic understanding. In that silence you are closest to the divine. That silence is a way, a bridge, a path, a connection to the ultimate.

Once you know the ultimate, the difficulty arises: How to convey it? And there is a tremendous urge to convey it, because millions of people are living in darkness, in blindness, stumbling, finding no way out. Millions of people are born in the night and die in the night; there is no dawn in their lives.

When one comes to the dawn, when one realizes the sunrise and his whole being becomes full of light and beauty and blessings, he wants to share it. This desire to share comes autonomously.

But how to share that which is beyond words?

All masters have been struggling to find some way to communicate, to commune. That’s why you find differences in their statements. Rather than thinking about their statements, it will be better to go within yourself and find the truth.

Nobody can help you. The masters can only show the way; you have to walk.

Nobody can come inside you. That is the dignity of man, a great privilege: nobody can interfere in your inner life. You are alone there, the suprememost sovereign.

But people have got into trouble because they have started imitating. You can imitate a buddha, you can have the same clothes, you can walk the same way, you can eat the same kind of food. You can follow all the moral principles, but you will still be an actor, you will not be a buddha.

It happened.. There were three monasteries deep in the mountains. All three belonged to different Christian sects.

One day it happened by coincidence that the three abbots of the monasteries had gone for a morning walk and they all met on the crossroads. They talked about matters concerning their monasteries and other problems.

Finally one of them said, “I have to tell you that as far as scholarship is concerned, my monastery is far higher than your monasteries.”

The second one said, “That is true. As far as scholarship is concerned, your people are great scholars. But don’t forget, as far as discipline is concerned, my monastery is far higher than yours. And also remember, scholarship is not going to help. It can make you knowledgeable, but it cannot make you wise. You have to walk the path of discipline; then only can you become a wise man.”

The third was silent up to now. He laughed, and he said, “You both are right. But as far as humbleness is concerned, we are the tops!”

Humbleness.and the desire is to be the tops.

You can be humble, you can force yourself to be humble, you can repress your ego - but that humbleness will not be true humbleness. It will be just inverted ego. It will be low-key ego.

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